Maytag Washing Machine Won’t Fill With Water

For those of you with a Maytag washing machine, you probably know the stress, headache, and costs when it you learn that your Maytag top-load washer won’t fill up. First make sure that your washing machine from Maytag does not have the water valves leaking, or if you have a kink in your water hose. Water is essential for top-load Maytag washers to function properly. If it isn’t filling up with water, then you know that something is wrong with your Maytag washer.

You can easily check for the problem. Be carefulIf you don’t do it correctly you could end up with your home inundated. For information about how to maintain your appliance, be sure you read the manual of the owner.


What To Do When Maytag Washing Machine Will Not Fill?

  • Make sure the lid is closed completely
  • Check that hot and cold water are available.
  • Check to see if the fill lines are kinked.
  • Verify that the water inlet screens have not become blocked.


Shut off the water supply for the proper way to do this. Next, remove the fill hoses and clean your screens. Do not remove them as they could result in flooding. Then turn off the water and then put them back in place. Check for leaks. If your top-load Maytag washer is still not filling with water, it’s time for a repair. This article should assist you in understanding the reason the washer won’t be filled with water.