How To Fix Speed Queen Washer With A Lid Or Door That Wont Open

Door Lock Or Interlock:

The door lock (also called an interlock) is a security feature found on Speed Queen front-load washing machines and some Speed Queen top load washers. It blocks the lid or door from being opened when the machine is running. The system comprises an opening catch that is mounted on the door and the door lock mechanism, which is situated at the rear of the front panel/door shroud or the top of the main. The lock mechanism is comprised of some switches and normally a lock/unlock solenoid or solenoid for the wax motor. Once the cycle has begun, the washer control will turn on the lock solenoid/wax motor to stop the lid or door from opening.

After the cycle the control will either activate the door unlock solenoid or will turn off the door lock wax motor. The activation or deactivation of the motor solenoid typically takes around an hour. The lock mechanism could be the reason for the issue if your door or lid doesn’t open after the cycle has ended. Speed Queen washers have a manual release that opens the mechanism, allowing the user to open the lid or the door.

The release can be accessed from below the door lock and on certain models, it is accessible from inside the soap dispenser’s enclosure. How to examine the Speed Queen door lock on a washing machine:

  1. Disconnect the Speed Queen washer from the electrical source prior to starting.
  2. Clean the door lock. It can be found under the lid, inside the frame of the washing machine.
  3. If cleaning it doesn’t solve the problem, take off the lock on the door of the Speed Queen washing machine to inspect it for cracks, damages, or wear. If you want to take the switch off, you’ll need remove the entire or a part of the cabinet.
  4. You will need to replace the switch if it exhibits any of the following symptoms.


Door Strike & Catch & Hook:

The door strike (also known as the hook, the catch, or catch) is part of an emergency safety device which is fitted on front-loading Speed Queen washers. It also triggers the lid switch on top load washers. The door hook on Speed Queen front-load washers serves to engage and lock the mechanism. If the hook on the door becomes damaged, it will not be able to activate the door lock assembly, or it might not disengage quickly from the mechanism at the conclusion of the cycle. The door strike or hook is normally made of strong plastic and is susceptible to breaking during normal use and abuse, or if somebody has tried to unlock the door by applying force while the lock is in use. How to inspect the door strike of the Speed Queen washing machine

  1. This is a simple inspection that requires no tools, nor disassembly is required.
  2. Locate your door strike. It’s in the door frame of your Speed Queen washer.
  3. Inspect the strike for any signs of damage or wear. Also, check the strike for indications of wear, cracks, or damage.
  4. You’ll need a new Speed Queen door strike if you discover any problems while performing the above checks.


Lid Hinge & Pin:

In top-loading models of Speed Queen washing machines, there will be two hinges that connect the lid to the main top. These hinges can be made out of either plastic or metal and can eventually wear down because of normal use. If you have difficulty opening the lid then the hinges may be the problem. Check the hinges and pins of your Speed Queen washer:

  1. You’ll need to expose electrical components in this inspection. Before beginning ensure that you have unplugged your Speed Queen washer.
  2. Begin by lifting the lid and inspecting the hinges and pins to see if there are signs of wear, cracks and damage or dirt that could be blocking the hinges.
  3. To check the hinges and pins on all sides lifting or removing the main cover.
  4. If there are any issues when performing the tests above it is time to get the Speed Queen replacement hinges for your lid..