Whirlpool Washing Machine Stops Mid Cycle – Fixed

Whirlpool Washing Machine Stops Mid Cycle – Fixed

It can be a bit frustrating and confusing to see your Whirlpool washer stop working mid-cycle. It is frustrating to have to restart the process over again as well as cause costly repairs if the issue persists. Homeowners can resolve many reasons that a Whirlpool washer machine ceases to function mid-cycle. We’ll discuss the most common causes Whirlpool washing machines stop mid-cycle , and provide steps-by-step solutions. We’ll help you fix the timer, and also check the lock on your door to ensure that your Whirlpool washer is running smoothly once again. We will help you fix your Whirlpool washer when it ceases to work in the middle of the cycle. Incoming power issue Make sure the power cord is securely plugged. To ensure that you have constant supply for your Whirlpool washer, it needs to be properly connected.

Washing Machine Control Board

The Whirlpool washing machine control board provides voltage to nearly all electronic parts. If the control board is damaged, the washing machine could stop mid-cycle. The board is able to be examined for evidence of burned or damaged components. After studying the wiring diagram, you can utilize a multimeter on the board to examine the power output connections. Door lock for the washing machine switch and motor The Whirlpool door lock secures the door of the washer during operation. The Whirlpool washer will begin operating after the door is shut. The Whirlpool washer won’t begin running when the Whirlpool door isn’t shut. The washer may stop in at any point in the cycle if the door lock fails. Door locks may fail electronically or mechanically. Examine the door lock for any damages. Replace the door lock if it’s broken or isn’t latching correctly. Switch for the lid of the washing machine assembly This stops the washer from spinning while the lid is open. The washer may stop mid-cycle when the lid switch assembly is in a state of deficiency. A multimeter is a good tool to test each lid switch to ensure continuity. Replace the lid switch that is not in continuity. A lack of water Make sure that cold water is flowing into the tub. The Whirlpool washer won’t start the rinse cycle if cold water supply is not flowing at a sufficient rate or is not able to reach the tub. This could be due to an inlet valve that is blocked or a partially shut main valve for water supply, or the water pressure is low at your home.

Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

The valve for water inlet is activated during the rinse cycle to allow water to flow to the tub for washing. The washer waits for the water to flow through it and, if the valve malfunctions to open, it will stop half way through the process. A multimeter is a tool to test for continuity in the valve for water inlet. Replace the valve for water inlet when it is not in continuity. Drain pump for washing machine The Whirlpool washing machine drain pump assists in draining the tub of water. It pushes the water to drain through the drain tube or pipe that connects to a laundry tub. A malfunctioning drain pump could cause the washing machine to stop mid-cycle because water could be removed multiple times from the tub during the wash cycle. It is recommended to inspect the drain pump for obstructions in case there’s still water in the tub after washing has stopped. To determine if the drain pump is operating correctly, you can test it with the multimeter.

Washing Machine Main Control Board

The main control board could be damaged. This isn’t a typical issue. Before replacing the control board that is in charge, make sure you check all other components that are often damaged. Washing Machine Timer The timer could be damaged. It’s easy to miss the mark on the problem with the timer. When replacing it, ensure that you look for other malfunctioning parts. Examine the wiring diagram of the washer in order to identify if it’s damaged. Next, you can utilize a multimeter to conduct continuity checking. An Whirlpool washing machine that is stopped mid-cycle is a frustrating experience, but it’s usually an easy solution. It is possible to fix common issues like clogged filters or door locks that aren’t working. Before you begin any maintenance or repairs, disconnect your washer. If you are unsure you are unsure, refer to the manual or consult an expert. It is possible to get your Whirlpool washer back in operation by putting in a bit of patience and some time. This will prevent the time of starting the process over again and lower the cost of repairs. Be sure to keep an eye on your machine to determine whether there are any issues and then take the necessary steps.