How To Replace Electrolux Gas Range Oven Control Board

Gas range ovens are a common feature in many households, offering stable cooking capabilities as well as cooking delicious meals for years. Like any other appliance, they can experience issues over time. An issue with the Electrolux oven controller board is a frequent problem. The board is responsible for regulating the oven’s temperature, timer as well as other features of your oven. If it malfunctions, you may find it difficult or impossible to use your oven. Fortunately, replacing the Electrolux control board is a simple job that can be completed at home using a few basic tools and know-how. We’ll walk you through how to change the Electrolux gas oven’s control board so that you can swiftly return to your favourite dishes.


1. To prevent scratches to the floor, unplug the Electrolux range to avoid scratches on the floor. Unplug the range from the cabinet and disconnect the power cord. Shut off the gas supply. Use a helper if necessary.

2. Take off the Electrolux control panel’s back shield.

3. To remove the Electrolux oven controller board you must take a digital image of all the wires connected to it. This will assist you locate the right wires, and then connect the appropriate wires to the new controller board. Connect all the wires to the oven control board. Remove the mounting screws and pull the oven control panel out of the control panel.

4. Attach the overlay onto your new Electrolux oven controller board. If you have an overlay on an oven controller board is in excellent order and you’d like to install it on the new control board gently take off the overlay using the help of a knife. There will be enough adhesive left on the back of the overlay so it’s possible to connect the overlay to the new Electrolux oven control board.

5. Transfer the overlay from the existing Electrolux control board: If you purchased a new overlay for the control board, attach the new overlay onto the control board.

6. Install the brand new Electrolux oven control board: Place the control board for the electronic oven and then reinstall the screws for mounting. Carefully connect all the wires to the brand new Electrolux oven control board by using your digital image as a reference.

7. Connect the Electrolux control panel shield back shield. Place the back shield on the back console. Attach the back shield with mounting screws.

8. Turn on the gas supply and plug the power cord in to bring back power.

Install the Electrolux range into the cabinet. Be sure that the rear leveling foot is aligned with the bracket for anti-tip to ensure that the oven doesn’t move forward when the oven door opens. Then, pull out the oven rack that is loaded. Use a helper if necessary.

Although it may seem daunting to replace the Electrolux oven control board with the proper tools and instructions, this is an easy task that will save you time and cost. This guide will help you understand how to replace a Electrolux oven’s control board. We’ll also discuss the steps involved in setting up the new control board, and verifying that it functions properly. Following these steps, you will be able to avoid the expense and inconvenience of hiring a professional , and get your oven back to running in no time. Be sure to take precautions when working with appliances. If you have any questions follow the instructions of the manufacturer. With a bit of patience and some basic skills in DIY you can replace your gas range oven control board and relish many wonderful meals made perfectly.