How To Fix A Samsung Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Ice

A refrigerator is a must-have appliance for any household, keeping our food and drinks fresh and cold. However, if it stops dispense an ice cube, it can become annoying and unsettling. A Samsung fridge may stop distributing Ice due to an issue with the dispenser’s motor, a blocked water filter or an issue with the maker. In this post, we’ll cover several common troubleshooting techniques to help you fix your Samsung refrigerator’s ice maker and bring it back up and running. With just a bit of expertise, you’ll be able to save cash on a call to a technician and avoid having to purchase the new appliance.

Samsung Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The Samsung Ice Bucket Auger is located in the ice bin. If the dispenser is turned on, it is able to rotate and move the ice upwards towards the chute that is at the outlet of the bin. The auger is driven by a motor that is mounted behind the bin and is equipped with a set of drive forks on the shaft of the gear box. Although the gear box may be slow, it is equipped with a lot of force to move the ice. If the auger is not moving, first check the motor’s operation. The motor/gear box normally makes enough noise that you can hear it when the freezer door closed.

If the motor is not running, then you should test it for continuity with an multi-meter. Before conducting this test you must shut off the power supply to the appliance. You should check that the motor is receiving power from the ice maker you have selected, if it has continuity. This is a live voltage test and must only be conducted by a qualified person. You must examine the control actuators and switches in the event that no power is provided to the motor terminals.

Samsung Ice Dispenser Actuator

The mechanical part that activates the micro switch in your dispenser is called the ice dispenser actuator. The actuator is usually tiny plastic lever that pivots when your tumbler is pressed. It may be covered by a soft plastic pad. You will usually hear an audible click when the switch is engaged. You should inspect the actuator or switch in the event that the dispenser’s door and motor for the auger aren’t receiving the required power. Remove the control panel cover and make sure that the actuator is in contact with the switch correctly. if not, look at the bracket housing for the actuator as well as the mounting bracket for the switch and the actuator pivot. Replace any defective parts. It is necessary to replace any damaged parts if the actuator contacts the switch. When working near electrical circuits, it is recommended to unplug the power supply to the device.

Samsung Micro Switch

The micro switch in the dispenser is a momentary switch that , when activated supply power to the motor of the auger and also the solenoid to the dispenser door. The switch is located behind the lever or pad which is activated to release ice. You’ll have to cut off electricity to the appliance and then take off the panel cover that covers the control panel in order to open the switch. Multi-meters can be used to check continuity.

Samsung Dispenser Control Board

Some models of Samsung refrigerators feature an electronic control to supply electricity to the motor and the dispenser door solenoid. If you have verified that they are not getting power and the actuator and switch are in good working order and are functioning properly, then you could have an issue with the Samsung electronic controller.

A Samsung refrigerator that does not have ice dumping capabilities is a source of frustration. However, there are a variety of solutions you can try before making a call to an expert. Fix the issue yourself by following the steps in this article. This will reduce time and cost. Make sure you check your dispenser’s motor, water filter, and the ice maker for any faults or blockages, and also be patient as you wait for the ice maker to create fresh cold ice. With just a little effort you can restore your Samsung refrigerator back to making the same ice as it does, which will ensure the drinks are cool and refreshing all through the year.