Miele Washing Machine Stops Mid Cycle – Fixed

Miele Washing Machine Stops Mid Cycle – Fixed

It’s frustrating and confusing to find your Miele washer stop mid-cycle. It can be very frustrating to have to restart the process again, and it can also result in costly repairs if the problem continues.

However, many causes of a Miele washing machine stopping mid-cycle are easily addressed by the home owner. We’ll discuss the most common causes Miele washing machines stop mid-cycle and offer specific steps for solving the issue. From inspecting the door lock, to resolving the timer issue to figuring out the cause, we’ll go over everything you’ll need to know to get your Miele washing machine working smoothly again. So, whether you’re faced with a troublesome Miele model or just looking to save money for repairs, continue reading to find out how to repair a Miele machine that has stopped mid-cycle.


Incoming power problems

Check that the power cord is tightened. To ensure constant electrical supply to your Miele washer, it should be secured when plugged in.


Washing Machine Control Board

A Miele washing machine control board provides electricity to most electronic parts. If the board is damaged, the washing machine may stop at mid-cycle. The board is able to be examined for signs of burned or shorted components. You can also use a multimeter to test the power output connections of the board, after having a look at the wiring diagram of your appliance.


Washing machine door lock motor and switch assembly

This Miele door lock locks the door of the washer when it is in use. The Miele washer will begin to operate after the door is shut. The Miele washer won’t start working in the event that the Miele door is not closed. If the lock on the door is broken, the washer could stop in mid-cycle. Door locks can malfunction mechanically or electronically. Inspect the door lock to find any damage. Replace the lock if it’s broken or fails to latch properly.


Washing Machine Lid Switch Assembly

The lid switch assembly prevents the washer from spinning when the lid is shut. The washer can stop in mid-cycle in the event that the lid switch is not working properly. To determine if the lid switch assembly is damaged, use the multimeter to examine every lid switch for continuity. Replace the lid switch that doesn’t have continuity.


A lack of water

Check that the cold water supply is entering the tub. If the supply of cold water is slow or not entering the tub in any way, the Miele washer will stop at the beginning of the rinse cycle while waiting for the tub to fill. It could be due to a clogged water inlet valve or the main water supply valve being closed partially, or low water supply pressure from your home.


Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

In the process of washing, the water inlet valve opens to allow water to enter the wash tub. If the water inlet valve is damaged, the washer will continue to wait for water to flow into the washer, causing it to stop mid-cycle. A multimeter can be utilized to verify the continuity of the valve that opens water. If the water inlet valve doesn’t have continuity then replace it.


Washing Machine Drain Pump:

A Miele washing machine drain pump helps in the removal of water from the tub by pushing the water to go through a drain hose to the drain tub of the laundry or pipe. Since water may be removed from the tub several times during a wash cycle, a defective drain pump could cause the washing machine mid-cycle. It is important to examine the drain pump to find any obstructions, if there’s remaining water in your tub after washing has stopped. It is also possible to use an instrument to check the drain pump to determine if it is in electrical continuity. 


Washing Machine Main Control Board

The main control panel could be damaged. This is not a common issue. Before replacing the main control board take a look at all the most frequently defective components.


Washing Machine Timer

The timer may be malfunctioning. If you suspect that the timer is defective, before changing the timer, verify all of the commonly defective parts. To check if the timing device is not working properly, look up the wiring diagram for your washer. You can also use a multimeter to test the timer’s continuity. A Miele washing machine which stops halfway through its cycle is a frustrating experience, but it’s typically an easy fix. You can troubleshoot common problems such as clogged filters or door locks that aren’t working.

Before you start any repairs or maintenancework, disconnect your washer. If you’re unsure check the manual or contact an expert. You can have your Miele washer machine working again by putting in a bit of patience and a few minutes. This will save the time of starting the process over again and lower the cost of repairs. Be sure to keep an eye on your machine to see what is wrong and then take the appropriate steps.