How To Fix A Electrolux Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Ice

A refrigerator is an essential item in any home, keeping our beverages cold and fresh. It is frustrating and irritating to have ice not dispersing. A Electrolux refrigerator might stop dispensing Ice due to problems with the motor of the dispenser, a blocked water filter or a malfunctioning maker. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common troubleshooting procedures to assist you in fixing the issue with your Electrolux refrigerator’s ice dispenser and make it back up and functioning. You can save cash by having a professional take care of your appliance and never have to purchase a new one.

Electrolux Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The Electrolux Ice Bucket Auger is located in the ice container and when it is activated it rotates to pull the ice towards the outlet chute in the bin. A motor is placed behind the bin and set drive forks have been attached to the gearbox’s shaft shaft. The gear box spins slowly , yet it has enough power to push the ice. You should verify that the motor works before turning the auger. The gear box/motor typically makes enough noise to hear it with the freezer door closed.

If the motor isn’t running, then you should test the continuity of the motor using an multi-meter. Disconnect the appliance’s power before you perform this test. It is important to ensure that the motor is receiving power from the desired ice machine If it is in continuity. This is an actual voltage test and must be performed by qualified personnel. If no power is being connected to the motor’s electrical terminals then you should inspect the switch and control actuator.

Electrolux Ice Dispenser Actuator

The component that acts as a mechanical trigger for the micro switch on your dispenser is known as the ice dispenser actuator. The actuator is typically tiny plastic lever which pivots when the tumbler is pressurized. It can also be covered by pads of soft plastic. The switch usually clicks when it is placed in contact with. The actuator should be inspected or switch in the event that the dispenser’s door and the motor of the auger are not receiving the required power. Take off the cover of the control panel to confirm that the actuator is connecting correctly the switch for the dispenser. If not, examine the switch mounting bracket along with the actuator pivot and actuator housing bracket. Repair any damaged or damaged parts. It is necessary to replace any defective components when the actuator is in contact with the switch. You should disconnect power to the device when it is working close to electrical circuits.

Electrolux Micro Switch

The micro switch in the dispenser is a momentary contact switch that , when activated, will provide power to the motor of the auger and the solenoid of the door of the dispenser. It is situated behind the lever or pad that is pressed to release ice. To get to the switch, first remove the power supply. After that, remove the cover from the control panel. Multi-meters can be used to test continuity.

Electrolux Dispenser Control Board

Electrolux refrigerators can use an electronic control to provide electricity to the auger motor or dispenser door solenoid. It could be that the controller is defective. Electrolux electronic controller if you cease to power , and the actuator or switch isn’t functioning correctly.

A Electrolux refrigerator that doesn’t have the ability to dispense ice can be a snare. But, there are numerous solutions you could try before calling an expert. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to resolve the issue yourself, and save time and money. Make sure to examine the dispenser motor, water filter and ice maker for any problems or clogs. Also, be patient when waiting for the maker to generate fresh cold ice. You can purchase the Electrolux refrigerator to continue to dispense regular ice with little effort. This will ensure that your drinks remain cool and refreshing all year.