Why Doesn’t My Kenmore Washing Machine Work At All

Start by determining if your Kenmore washer isn’t responding. Did the circuit break? To test whether the electrical outlet is the issue you can plug a hairdryer or another electrical device into it. The wiring in the outlet might be the cause of the issue when the hair dryer is not function. Make an electrician fix the electrical outlet. The problem with the wiring could be in the washer if the hair dryer does not work. These are the steps to test the wiring in your Kenmore washer:

  1. Unplug your Kenmore washer. Examine the power cord for damage. If the power cord has been damaged, you should replace it.
  2. Verify the wiring connections on the timer or main control board. Reconnect any loose wires.
  3. Check the wiring connections between the main control board (Kenmore washer) and the user interface board.

Reconnect any loose user interface wires: If the wiring connections are working, you might require replacing the main control board or the user interface board. We suggest that a service technician examine the Kenmore washing machine control board as well as the user interface board or Kenmore washer timer before replacing the control components. Testing the controls typically involves live voltage tests. We wouldn’t recommend you conduct a live voltage test on your Kenmore washer on your own because these tests could be hazardous.

Replace the Kenmore washer’s main controller board: The main electronic control board (also known as the mother board) regulates the execution and timing of washer component functions. It regulates the drain valves as well as the fill pumps, and also the drive motor.

Change the Kenmore washer timer: A timer- also called a cycle selector is the dial you use to set the cycle for a Kenmore washing machine using mechanical controls. The washer is able to move through its cycles from initial filling until the final spin by using the timer. Replace the timer if it doesn’t advance the washer through its cycle.

Replace the Kenmore washer’s user interface board: The user interface board is where you can find the buttons you press to start the washing cycle. If one or more of them do not work, replace the user interface board.

In conclusion the situation of a Kenmore washing machine that isn’t working in any way could be a traumatic and overwhelming issue to tackle. However, the many reasons for an appliance that isn’t working can be easily fixed by the home owner. This article outlined some of the common causes of the washing machine of Kenmore that is not working, like water supply, power supply and control issues. It also gave step-by-step directions on how to fix the issue. Before you attempt any repairs to the Kenmore washing machines, make sure that you disconnect them. If you have any concerns read the instruction manual or contact a professional. You can bring your machine back to normal using just a bit of patience and a bit of time. Take note that in certain situations, the issue could be more complicated so it’s best to consult an expert as soon as you can.