How To Replace Roper Gas Range Oven Control Board

Gas range ovens are a staple in many households, providing solid cooking capabilities and cooking delicious meals for years. However, like any other appliance, they may experience problems over time. A malfunctioning Roper oven controller board is one common problem. It is the component which controls the oven’s temperature and timer. It could make your oven unusable or difficult to use. With the right equipment and knowledge it’s easy to replace the Roper control boards at home. In this article, we’ll lead you through the steps needed to change the Roper gas oven control board so that you can be back cooking your most-loved dishes in no time.


1. To prevent scratches to the flooring, disconnect the Roper range. Unplug the range from the cabinet and remove the power cord. Turn off the gas supply. Use a helper if necessary.

2. Remove the Roper back shield of the control panel The screws must be removed from the back shield for the control panel and lift it off the range.

3. Remove the Roper oven control board You can take a digital photo of the wires attached to the control board to document their location so that you can connect the wires onto the new oven control board the same method. Disconnect all the wires from the control board for the oven. Remove the mounting screws and take out the oven control board from the control panel.

4. Attach the overlay onto your new Roper oven controller board. If the overlay on your existing oven controller board is in good shape and you want to use it for the new control board, gently take off the overlay using a putty knife. The adhesive residue should remain on the back of the overlay that you can attach the overlay to the brand new Roper oven control board.

5. Transfer the overlay to the original Roper control board: If you bought an entirely new overlay for the control board the new overlay onto the control board.

6. Install the new Roper oven control board: Install the electronic oven control board and reinstall the mounting screws. Be sure to connect all wires to the brand new Roper oven control board using your digital photo as a reference.

7. Reattach the Roper back shield of the control panel: Place the control panel back shield onto the side of the console and secure back shield by using screws for mounting.

8. Restore power and reinstall your range. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet, then turn on the gas supply.

Then slide the Roper range into the cabinet. Make sure the rear leveling foot is properly aligned with the bracket for anti-tip to ensure that the range doesn’t slide forward when the oven door opens. After that, remove the oven rack that is loaded. Use a helper if necessary.

While it might seem difficult to replace the Roper oven control board, using the correct tools and directions, it is a simple task that will save you both time and money. This article will explain how to replace a Roper control board. We’ll also discuss the steps to follow when setting up the new control board and testing it to ensure it works properly. This will spare you the expense and hassle hiring a professional to fix your oven. Always remember to take safety precautions while working with appliances , and refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines if are unsure. You can easily replace the gas range’s oven control boards with some perseverance and basic DIY abilities. This will allow you to enjoy delicious, perfect-cooked meals.