How To Replace Roper Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

How To Replace Roper Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

This step-by-step washer repairs guide will help you replace the drain pump in the top-loading Roper washer. If your Roper washer doesn’t drain then first examine the drain for a blockage and the drain hose of the washer for a kink. Don’t miss the basic troubleshooting steps. If the drain and drain hose are clear, replace the drain pump with a manufacturer-approved washer part if the pump runs but doesn’t pump out the water, or if it doesn’t run at all because the motor no longer works.

Replace the Roper drain pump on a top-load washer

Turn off electricity and water: Unplug power cord from wall outlet. Shut off the water supply valves for the washer. Wear protective gloves. Help someone remove the Roper washer from the wall.

Remove the hoses: Mark which fill hose goes to which connector. Utilize channel lock pliers to carefully pull out two fill hoses. You can expect some water to leak out. The drain hose needs to be pulled out from the standpipe in front of the washer. Expect some water to flow out.

Carefully lay the washer on its side: Moving the Roper washer to a place where you can work on it. Place towels or cardboard on top of the washer to prevent scratching the front of the Roper washer. Carefully tilt the Roper washer forward and lay it on the front panel , so that you are able to access the drain pump from below the washer.

To get rid of the drain pump you need to use pliers to release the spring clamp: The drain hose needs to be pulled off the drain pump. Remove the cover that covers the wire harness plug that is on the drain pump. Take the wire harness connector out of the receptacle on the drain pump. The drain pump is held to the bottom with three bolts. Remove the pump and place it in a container for disposal.

Install the new drain pumps: Place the drain pump on the top of the Roper washer. Fix it by using the three bolts. Connect the wire harness to the receptacle for the new pump. Close the cover on the wire harness connection. The drain hose is then pushed back to the outlet of the drain pump. Attach it using the spring clamp.

Place the washer on its side: Move the washer as close to the fill hoses as is possible to allow them to be connected.

Install the fill hoses again: Connect the fill hoses back to the connectors located on the Roper washer’s back. Make use of a pair of channel lock pliers to tighten the connections.

Restore power and water by turning on the valves that supply water: Close the connection if you notice a tiny leak. Connect the washer to an electrical outlet. Replace the Roper washer to its original place. Although replacing the Roper drain pumps found in top-load washers may seem difficult but anyone can do it with the right tools.

The process includes cutting off water and power in order to access the pump, then installing the new pump. It’s important to remember to unplug the Roper washer prior to attempting any repairs, and if you are unsure about any aspect of the process you should go through the manual of the manufacturer or contact a professional for assistance. You can make your Roper washer to work again by putting in a bit of effort and a little bit of patience. Also, make sure to check the machine after replacing drain pump, to ensure it is working properly and there is no leakage.