How To Replace Lid Switch Lock Assembly On Hoover Washer Top-Load Model

How To Replace Lid Switch Lock Assembly On Hoover Washer Top-Load Model

This Hoover washer maintenance manual gives step-by-step directions for replacing the lid switch/lock assembly for a top load Hoover washer. The washer’s lid switch detects whether it’s opened or closed. If the lid is open then the Hoover washer won’t be able to start. The appliance also comes with a lock to keep the lid in place during the process. If the lid switch, or lock, doesn’t function properly and the lid lock light flashes then the washer may require a replacement for the lid switch or lock.

We suggest you contact a technician from your local washer identify any other issues. If the lid switch/lock assembly is faulty, replace the assembly with a manufacturer-approved washer part. This guide applies to vertical modular washers. Vertical modular washers come with spinning at high speed that draws water out of the load. The lid is kept locked to protect you against the spinning components.

Replacing the lock on the lid of top-load Hoover washers

1.Switch off the water and electricity. Unplug power cord from the wall outlet. Shut off the water supply valves on the Hoover washer. Wear gloves for protection of your hands. Let someone assist you in moving the washer away from the wall.

2. The top panel must be lifted. Close the lid to ensure that it won’t pop open and result in damage to the console. Pull the Hoover washer forward, allowing access to the rear of the control console. The top screws that secure the Hoover washer’s back to the console are taken off. Remove the wire cover and then take off the screw. Slide the top panel about one-half inch forward and lift the front panel by about a quarter inch. While the panel is still raised slightly, push the panel back about quarter of an inch to free it from the brackets. The top panel is able to be lifted and positioned against the wall in front of the Hoover washer.

3. Take the lid switch and lock off the top panel. Utilizing a 1/4-inch nut driver, remove two screws for mounting that hold the lid switch/lock to the top panel. Remove the lid switch/lock assembly from the top panel. The lid switch and lock assembly is attached to the wire harness. It is best to let it hang on wire harness. To remove the wire harness clips from the top panel employ the slot screwdriver. Take out the wire harness clips made of plastic on the back of the panel’s front. The wire harness is still connected to the electronic control board within the console. Unclip the white plastic clip on at the top, but don’t pull out the plastic clip in white or pull the wire harness out at this point.

4.Open the control console. Carefully lower its top panel and then place it on the top of the Hoover washer. Move the washer forward to access the back panel of the console. Two screws that are located at the top of your console’s back panel are removed. To let the mounting clip fall off, push the control panel inwards and move a knife under the right side. To release the console do the same process on the left. The console should be placed on top of the Hoover washer.

5. The lid switch/lock is turned off. Locate the connector for wire harness to the lid switch and lock. It is located on the rear of the control board. Unlock the locking tab and then pull the wire harness plug to the lid switch/locking unit from the control board’s receptacle. Connect the lid switch/lock assembly wire harness through the hole in the back of the top panel, where you have released the white plastic clip. Open the washer lid by lifting the tape. Remove the switch or lock for the washer’s lid out. Tape the lid closed again.

6. Install the new lid switch/lock assembly Re-clip the console into the mounting clips. Moving the Hoover washer towards the wall behind it. Lift the top panel and place it on an adjacent wall, which is in front of the Hoover washer. The wire harness end should be placed into the hole inside the top panel. The white plastic wire harness clip should be pushed into the hole. The wire harness will be routed to the side of the top panel. secure the wire harness in the clips that are on the sides of the panel on top. Position the lid switch/lock assembly on the top panel and secure it with mounting screws. Lower the top panel. Reverse the panel about quarter inch in order to connect the brackets. To secure the panel in place with the frame, pull the panel back about a quarter inch. To access the control board’s electronic circuit release the clips and lift the console. Plug the wire harness into the correct connector of the electronic control board. The locking tab should lock into place.

7. Reinstall the console: The console should be placed on top of the top panel and then attach the mounting clips to secure it on the top panel. Reinstall the screws at the top of the back panel on the console. Then tighten the screws firmly.

8. Install the screws on the back panel and then reinstall them on top of your console’s hinges. Make sure that the screws are tightened. The tabs should be placed on the right side of the wire cover in the slots and then line with the holes on the left side and put the mounting screw in. Secure the wire cover by tightening the mounting screw.

9. The valves that supply water to restore water and power. Connect the Hoover washer into the electrical outlet. Return the Hoover washer to its original position. You’ll now be able to replace the lid switch/lock assembly of the top-loading Hoover washer. If the lid switch or lock isn’t working properly and the lock light is flashing, it could suggest a need for replacement.