How To Replace Kenmore Gas Range Oven Control Board

Gas range ovens are a popular element in many households. They are reliable cook capabilities and tasty meals for years. They are susceptible to issues over time, just like every other appliance. A malfunctioning Kenmore oven controller board is a frequent issue. This part is responsible for regulating the oven’s temperature, timer as well as other features of the oven. This can cause your oven to become useless or hard to operate. With the right tools and information it’s simple to replace the Kenmore control boards at home. In this post, we’ll take you through the steps needed to replace a Kenmore gas range oven control board so that you can start cooking your most-loved dishes within a matter of minutes.


1. Unplug the Kenmore range and turn off the gas supply. Place the cardboard to the left of the range to avoid scratching the floor. Pull the range out of the cabinet and unplug the power cord and shut off the gas source. Use a helper if necessary.

2. Take off the Kenmore control panel shield and back shield.

3. Remove the Kenmore oven control board Make a digital image of the wires that are attached to the control board to document their locations so you can connect the wires to your new oven control board the same method. All wires should be disconnected from the control board for the oven. Remove the mounting screws and take the oven control board out of the control panel.

4. Attach the overlay to your new Kenmore oven controller board. If you have an overlay on an oven controller board is in excellent working order and you’d like to install it on the new control board take it off gently using the help of a knife. The overlay can be affixed to your brand new Kenmore oven controller board by leaving enough adhesive leftover.

5. Transfer the overlay from the previous Kenmore control board. If you bought a new overlay for the control board the new overlay to the control board.

6. Install the Kenmore oven controller board. Position the control board on the oven and then reconnect the screws for mounting. Connect all wires to the Kenmore oven controller board using your photo from your digital camera to serve as a reference.

7. Reattach the Kenmore control panel back shield: Place the control panel back shield onto the back of the control console. Attach the back shield using the screws for mounting.

8. Restore power and then reinstall your range. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet, then turn on the gas source.

Assist in sliding carefully the Kenmore range back inside the cabinet making sure that the front leveling foot correctly engages with the anti-tip bracket to prevent the range from falling forward when you unlock the oven door. open the oven rack. Use a helper if necessary.

The replacement of a Kenmore gas range oven control board may seem like a daunting undertaking However, with the correct tools and guidelines it’s a simple task that will save you time and cash. This article will show you how to change a Kenmore oven’s control board. We’ll also go over the steps to follow when installing the new control board and testing it to ensure it works properly. By following these steps you will be able to avoid the expense and hassle of hiring a professional to return your oven to functioning in no time. Remember to always take necessary precautions for safety when working with appliances , and refer to the directions of the manufacturer if have any doubts. You can easily change the gas range oven control boards with the help of basic DIY abilities. This will enable the cook to prepare delicious and perfectly cooked meals.