How To Replace Hoover Gas Range Oven Control Board

Gas range ovens are an essential in many households, providing stable cooking capabilities as well as providing delicious meals for years. They can experience problems in time, as any other appliance. A malfunctioning Hoover oven controller board is an example of a typical issue. The board is responsible for regulating the oven’s temperature, timer, and other features of the oven. If it fails or fails to function properly, you might find it difficult or impossible to operate your oven. With a few basic tools and understanding, it is easy to change the Hoover control boards at home. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process to change a Hoover gas range oven control board so that you can get back to cooking your most-loved food in no time.


1. Unplug the Hoover range and shut off the gas supply: Set cardboard on the floor before the cooker to avoid scratching the floor. Unplug the range from the cabinet and disconnect the power cord. Turn off the gas supply. Use a helper if necessary.

2. Remove the Hoover back shield of the control panel: Remove the screws from the back shield for the control panel and pull it off the range.

3. To take off the Hoover oven controller board and take a photo of all the wires connected to it. This will assist you to locate the correct wires and attach them to the new control board. All wires should be removed from the control board for the oven. Remove the mounting screws and remove the oven control board from the control panel.

4. Attach the overlay onto your new Hoover oven controller board. If you have an overlay on an oven controller board is in excellent working order and you’d like to put it on the new control board gently remove the overlay with a putty knife. A sufficient amount of adhesive will remain on the back of the overlay, so that it’s possible to attach the overlay to the new Hoover oven control board.

5. Transfer the overlay from the existing Hoover control board. If you purchased an overlay that is compatible with the control board the new overlay onto the control board.

6. Install the brand new Hoover oven control board: Place the control board for the electronic oven and reinstall the screws that hold it in place. Connect all the wires to your Hoover oven controller board by using your digital image as a guide.

7. Attach the Hoover control panel back shield The control panel should be placed back shield onto the back of the control console and secure the back shield using the screws for mounting.

8. Restore power and then reinstall the range: Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and switch on the gas supply.

Make sure you slide the Hoover range back into the cabinet, making sure that the foot that is used to level the rear of the range aligns with the anti-tip bracket so that the appliance doesn’t slide forward when you lift the oven’s door and pull out a loaded oven rack. Use a helper if necessary.

Removing a Hoover gas range oven control board might appear to be a daunting task, but with the right tools and instructions, it is a manageable job that can save you time and money. In this post we’ve laid out the steps required to replace a Hoover gas range oven control board. This includes taking out the old control board, installing the new one, and testing to ensure it is functioning correctly. These steps will help you avoid the trouble and expense hiring a professional to fix your oven. Be sure to take the necessary precautions for safety when working with appliances and consult your manufacturer’s instructions if you have any questions. With a bit of patience and some basic skills in DIY you can easily replace your gas range oven control board and enjoy many other delicious meals that have been prepared to perfection.