How To Fix A LG Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Ice

A refrigerator is an essential item for any household, keeping our drinks and food cold. It is frustrating and irritating when ice doesn’t get displacing. There are several reasons why your LG refrigerator may stop dispensing ice, such as a faulty dispenser motor, a blocked water filter, or an inoperable ice maker. In this article, we’ll review some common troubleshooting steps to help you fix the issue with your LG refrigerator’s ice dispenser and bring it back up and functioning. You can save money by having a professional repair your appliance and avoid the require a purchase of a new one.

LG Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The LG Ice Bucket Auger can be found inside the ice bin. It when the dispenser is activated, will rotate to pull the ice forward to the outlet chute in the bin. The auger is powered by a motor mounted behind the bin, which is connected to the drive forks that are mounted on the shaft of the gear box. Although the gear box is slow, it has lots of force to move ice. It is important to confirm whether the motor is operating before turning the auger. It is normal to hear the gear box or motor producing enough sound to be heard with the freezer door closed.

If the motor is not functioning, then check the continuity of the motor using an instrument such as a multi-meter. Before you perform this test make sure you turn off the power source to the appliance. You should check that the motor is receiving power from the chosen ice dispenser, if it has continuity. This is live voltage testing and should only be performed by a trained professional. You should inspect the switches and actuators that control the motor if no power is being supplied to the motor terminals.

LG Ice Dispenser Actuator

The mechanical part that activates the micro switch in your dispenser is known as the ice dispenser actuator. The actuator is usually a small plastic lever that turns when your tumbler is pressed. It can also be covered by the soft pad. It is common to hear a click when the switch is engaged. If the motor for the auger and dispenser door are not receiving power, you need to check the actuator and switch. Take off the cover of the control panel to ensure that the actuator is connected correctly the switch for the dispenser. If not, inspect the switch mounting bracket as well as the pivot of the actuator and housing bracket for the actuator. Repair any damaged or damaged parts. If the actuator has trouble communicating with the switch, you will have to examine the control board or switch for the source of the problem. When working near electrical circuits, it is recommended to remove the power source from the appliance.

LG Micro Switch

Momentary contact switch, the micro switch for the dispenser, is utilized to turn on the motor of the auger. The switch sits behind the lever or pad that’s pressurized to release ice. You’ll need to shut off electricity to the appliance and then remove the cover on the control panel in order to open the switch. You can check the power source by using a multi-meter.

LG Dispenser Control Board

Certain models of LG refrigerators utilize an electronic control to provide power to the auger motor and dispenser door solenoid. There could be a problem with the LG electronic control if they aren’t getting electricity and the actuator or switch is not working properly.

A LG refrigerator not displacing ice can be a snare. However, there are numerous solutions you could try before calling an expert. By following the suggestions in this article, you’ll be able to solve the problem yourself, saving time and money. Make sure to examine the motor in the dispenser, the water filter, and ice maker for any malfunctions or obstructions, and then be patient when waiting for the ice maker to create fresh frozen ice. With a little effort, you can get your LG refrigerator back to dispense the same ice as it does, which will ensure your drinks stay cool and refreshing all through the year.