How To Fix A Bosch Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Ice

A refrigerator is an indispensable appliance that is essential to every home. It helps keep our drinks cool and fresh. It can be annoying and frustrating to stop displacing ice. The Bosch refrigerator may not be able to dispense Ice due to an issue in the motor that is driving the dispenser or a blocked water filter or a malfunctioning maker. We’ll cover common problems and how to fix your Bosch refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser. You can save cash by having a professional repair your appliance and avoid the having to purchase a brand new one.

Bosch Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The Bosch Ice Bucket Auger is in the ice bin. If the dispenser is activated , it will turn to move the ice forward towards the bin’s outlet chute. The auger is controlled by a motor mounted behind the bin, which is connected to an array of drive forks attached to the shaft of the gearbox. The gear box spins slowly but has lots of power to push the ice. If the auger isn’t turning you should first verify that the motor is working. You can usually hear the motor/gear box producing enough noise that it can be heard when the freezer door shut.

You can check for continuity with an multimeter when the motor isn’t working. Disconnect the appliance’s power before performing this test. You should check that the motor is receiving power from the desired ice machine if it has continuity. This is an live voltage test which should only be conducted by trained personnel. If no power is delivered to the motor’s terminals, you must inspect the switch and control actuator.

Bosch Ice Dispenser Actuator

The actuator for the ice dispenser is the mechanical part that activates the dispenser micro switch. It’s typically a plastic lever that is moved by the tumbler, and it could be covered by a pads of soft plastic. You will usually hear clicking when the switch is activated. If the auger motor and dispenser door aren’t receiving power, then you should examine the switch and actuator. Uncover the control panel and verify that the actuator is connected to the dispenser switch properly and if not, check the bracket housing for the actuator along with the mounting bracket for the switch as well as the pivot for the actuator. Repair any damaged parts. You’ll need to replace the defective part whenever the actuator touches the switch. The power should be shut off to the device whenever you are working near electrical circuits.

Bosch Micro Switch

The micro switch on the dispenser is a momentary switch that when activated it will supply power to the motor of the auger as well as the solenoid that controls the door to the dispenser. The switch is located behind the lever or pad that’s used to disperse ice. To gain access to the switch you will first need to remove the power supply. After that, remove the cover off the panel. A multi-meter can be used to determine the continuity.

Bosch Dispenser Control Board

Certain models of Bosch refrigerators feature an electronic control that supplies electricity to the motor and dispenser door solenoid. There could be a problem with the Bosch electronic controller if they do not get power , and the actuator or switch isn’t functioning correctly.

A Bosch refrigerator that does not have ice dumping capabilities can be frustrating. But, there are numerous solutions you could try before making a call to a professional. You can solve the issue yourself by following the suggestions in this article. This can reduce time and cost. Check the water filter and dispenser motor for any issues. Be patient while waiting for fresh Ice to be produced. With a bit of effort you’ll be able to get your Bosch refrigerator back to dispense ice like normal, ensuring your drinks remain cool and refreshing throughout the entire year.