Maytag Washer Stops Mid Cycle – Solution

The washing machine is an essential appliance in most households. The process of washing can be automated, saving time and energy. However, a problem that many of us face is that their Maytag washing machine is stopped mid-cycle and leaves them with half-washed clothes and a machine that won’t complete the task. The washing machine can stop mid-cycle due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are issues in the drain system, or the power supply. In this article, we will explore some of the most common causes of this issue. We will also provide practical solutions to help you fix your Maytag washer and be able to do your laundry effortlessly.

Incoming Power Problem with Incoming Power

Be sure the power cord is not loose. It should be connected tightly to ensure that there is constant electric power to the washer.

Maytag Washing machine Control Board

Since a Maytag washing machine control board supplies voltage to nearly all of the electrical components in the washer A damaged board could cause the washing machine to stop in mid-cycle. You can examine the board to look for signs of burning, or a component that is shorted-out. After reviewing the wiring diagram, you can use a multimeter to check the power output connections.

Maytag Washing Machine Door Lock Motor and Switch Assembly

The door lock keeps the Maytag door to the washer when it is in use. The washer can begin operating when the door is shut. If the door of the washer is not closed the door switch will stop the washer from operating. If the door lock is damaged, the washer might stop mid-cycle. Door locks may malfunction mechanically or electronically. Check the door lock for any damages. Replace the lock if it is broken or fails to latch correctly. Look over the diagram on your washer’s door to find out if the door lock is not functioning electrically. Then use a multimeter and continuity testing equipment in order to evaluate each switch. Replace the switch if there’s no continuity.

Maytag Washing Machine Lid Switch Assembly

The lid switch assembly keeps the Maytag washer from spinning when the lid is shut. If the lid switch assembly is damaged, the washer could stop in mid-cycle. To check if the lid assembly is damaged, use a multimeter to check each lid switch for continuity. If a lid switch does not show continuity, replace it.

Insufficient water supply to the Maytag

Check that the cold water is flowing into the tub. The washer will not begin the rinse cycle if the cold water supply is slow or is not able to reach the tub. This can be caused by the water inlet valve being blocked or the main valve for water supply shutting partially, or low water supply pressure from your home.

Maytag Washing Machine Valve for Water Inlet

During the rinse cycle the Maytag water inlet valve is opened so that water can enter the wash tub. If the valve to open the water inlet fails, the washing machine will continue waiting for the water to be able to enter the wash, causing it to stop at the middle of the cycle. To check if the inlet valve is defective, you need to use the multimeter to test it for continuity. If the water inlet valve doesn’t have continuity you should replace it.

Maytag Washing Machine Drain Pump

The Maytag washing machine drain pumps helps to drain the tub’s water by pushing it through a drain tube or pipe to drain the water. A malfunctioning drain pump could cause the washer to stop in mid-cycle, as water can be drained several times from the tub during the wash cycle. Examine the drain pump for obstructions if you find water in your tub even after the washing machine has stopped. You can also use an instrument to check the drain pump to determine if it is in electrical continuity. check if it is able to function or not.

Maytag Washing Machine Main Control Board

The Maytag main control board could be inoperable. However the control board itself is rarely to blame for this condition. Before you replace the control board in the first place, be sure you check all other parts that are more often malfunctioning.

Maytag Washing Machine Timer

The timer may be defective. It’s easy to miss the mark on the problem with the timer. When replacing it, be sure you examine all the components that are most likely be in a state of deficiency. Check the wiring diagram of your washer to determine if it is malfunctioning. After that, employ a multimeter in continuity test.

A Maytag washing-machine that fails halfway through its cycle can be frustrating. But, there are numerous ways to fix it. Following the steps laid out in this post, you’ll be able to determine and fix the root cause of the issue regardless of whether it’s due to a blocked drain, damaged motor or an electrical issue. Before you start any repairs, unplug the machine. If you’re uncertain about your ability to fix the problem, it’s best to consult an expert. It’s possible to repair your Maytag washer with a little patience, knowledge and experience. This will ensure that your clothes remain freshly cleaned and fresh every time.