How To Replace Speed Queen Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

How To Replace Speed Queen Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

This step-by-step washer repair guideshows how to replace the drain pump in the top load washer from Speed Queen. If you’re experiencing problems with your Speed Queen washer doesn’t drain then first examine the drain for obstructions and the washer drain hose for a knot–don’t overlook the basic troubleshooting steps. If the drain and drain hose are clear, replace the drain pump with a manufacturer-approved washer part if the pump runs but doesn’t pump out the water, or if it doesn’t run at all because the motor no longer works.

Replacing the Speed Queen drain pump in top load washer

1. Shut off the electricity and water: Disconnect the power cord from the outlet on the wall. Switch off the valves for water supply to the washer. Protect your hands with work gloves. Have someone help you move the Speed Queen washer away from the wall.

2. Remove the hoses from the connectors: Mark which fill hose goes to the hot connector and which one goes to the cold. With the help of channel lock pliers be careful to loosen and then remove the fill hoses. You should expect water to leak out. The drain hose should be pulled away from the standpipe located in the front of the washer. Expect water to spill out.

3. Lay the washer gently on its front panel: Moving the Speed Queen washer to an area that you can work on. To avoid scratches to the Speed Queen washer’s front panel, you can place the cardboard or towels in front. To reach the drain pump tilt the Speed Queen washer in a forward position, then place it on the front of the panel.

4. To take the drain pump off Use pliers in order to loosen the spring clamp: The drain hose should be removed from the drain pump. The cover that protects the wiring harness for the drain pump is open. Take the wire harness connector out of the receptacle that is on the drain pump. The drain pump is held to the bottom using 3 bolts. The pump can be removed and put it aside to dispose of.

5. Installing the new drain pump: Position the new drain pump at the bottom of the Speed Queen washer and secure it with the 3 bolts. The wire harness should be connected to the outlet of the new pump. Close the cover over the wire harness connection. Push the drain hose back onto the outlet of the drain pump. Attach it using the spring clamp.

6. Place the washer sideways: The washer should be moved closer to the fill hoses as possible so that they can be reconnected.

7. Reinstall the fill hoses: Thread the fill hoses onto the connectors to the back of the Speed Queen washer. Make sure the connections are tightened using a pair of channel lock pliers.

8. Restore power and water: Then, turn on the valves for water supply. Make sure you tighten the connection if notice a tiny leak. Plug the washer into the electrical outlet. Return the Speed Queen washer back to its original spot. In the end it is necessary to replace the Speed Queen drain pump in top-load washers is an intimidating task, but with the right tools and instructions, it can be accomplished by anyone.

The procedure involves disconnecting the water and power supply, accessing the pump and setting up the new pump. Always unplug your Speed Queen washer before attempting repairs. If you are unsure then refer to the manual or talk to an expert. It is possible to repair your Speed Queen washer to function again by putting in a bit of effort and some time. Be sure to inspect the machine for leakage after you’ve changed the drain pump.