How To Replace Lid Switch Lock Assembly On Speed Queen Washer Top-Load Model

The Speed Queen washer maintenance manual gives step-by-step directions to change the lid switch and lock assembly of a top-load Speed Queen washer. The washer’s lid switch is able to tell if it is open or shut. If the lid is closed it will mean that the Speed Queen washer won’t start. The lid is held in place during the cycle with locks. If the lid switch, or lock does not function correctly, and the lamp for the lid blinks, your washer may need a replacement lid switch or lid lock. It is recommended that you let a local washer technician examine any other issues.

If the lid switch/lock assembly is faulty, replace the assembly with a manufacturer-approved washer part. This repair guide covers the vertical modular washers. Vertical modular washers have an extremely fast spin speeds that extracts water from the load. The lid is kept closed to guard against the spinning parts. Replacing the lock on the lid of a top-load Speed Queen washer

  1. Turn off power and water. Unplug power cord from wall outlet. The water supply valves must be shut off for the Speed Queen washer. Be sure to protect your hands by wearing work gloves. Request assistance from someone else to move the washer off the wall.
  2. The top panel should be lifted. Close the lid to prevent it from opening and result in damage to the console. Take the Speed Queen washer forward to reach the back of the control console. The screws on the top that hold the Speed Queen washer’s back together have been removed. Take off the wire cover and remove the screw. Slide the top panel approximately half an inch further forward and then raise the front panel approximately one quarter inch. The panel will remain slightly elevated, push the panel back by about quarter of an inch to release it from the brackets. The top panel can be lifted and placed against the wall in front of the Speed Queen washer.
  3. Take the lid switch and lock off the top panel. With a 1/4 inch driver for nut, remove the 2 mounting screws that secure the lid switch/lock to the top panel. The lid switch/lock assembly is able to be removed from the top panel. The wire harness has the lid switch and lock assembly. At present, let it hang from wire harness. To remove the wire harness clips on the top panel, make use of a slot screwdriver. The white wire harness clip is located in the back of the panel. The wire harness is still connected to the control board that is inside the console. Release the plastic clip that is white from the top panel–don’t remove the white plastic clip or pull the wire harness out yet.
  4. Open the console control 4. Lower the top panel , then place it on the top of the Speed Queen washer. Move the washer forward to access the back panel of the console. Take the two screws off the top of the back panel of the console. To unclip the mounting clip to release the console, pull the control panel backwards and move a knife under the right side. To let the console go continue the procedure on the left. Place the console on the top of the Speed Queen washer.
  5. The lid switch/lock assembly must be removed: Locate the wire harness connection to the lid switch/lock assembly located on the rear of the control board. Release the locking tab and remove the lid switch/lock assembly wire harness plug out of the receptacle of the control board’s electronic circuit. The lid switch/lock wiring harness should be threaded through the hole in the rear of the top panel. Remove the tape from the lid and open the lid of the washer. Switch the lock on the lid of the washer out. Cover the lid with tape again.
  6. Install the new lid switch/lock assembly. Attach the console into its mounting clips. Move the Speed Queen washer towards the back wall. Lift the top panel and then place it against the back wall behind the Speed Queen washer. Pull the other end of the wire harness into the hole located at the rear of the top panel. Place the white wire harness clip into the hole and fix it in place. The wire harness will be routed to the upper panel’s side. secure the wire harness in the clips that are on the sides of the panel on top. Attach the lid switch or lock assembly on top of the panel. Make sure it is secured using the mounting screws. Then, carefully lower the top panel. The panel should be pulled back by about a quarter inch to engage the brackets. Reverse the panel by a quarter of an inch to ensure it is flush with the frame. Release the clips and open the console to access the electronic control board. Connect the wire harness to the connector on the electronic controller board. The locking tab should be able to snap into position.
  7. Install the console again: Place the console over the top panel, and then install the mounting clips to secure it on the top panel. Install the screws again at the top of the back of the console and tighten the screws tightly.
  8. Reinstall the screws on the back panel: Insert the screws back onto the top of the hinges at the back of the control console. Secure the screws. The tabs must be placed on the left side. Then, align the slots to the left. Install the mounting screw. Tighten the mounting screw to hold the cover in the right position.
  9. Make sure to turn on the valves that supply water to restore water and power. Plug the Speed Queen washer into the outlet for electricity. Reinstall the Speed Queen washer in its original position. It is now possible to replace the lock and lid switch assembly of a top-load Speed Queen washer. If the lid switch or lock isn’t working properly and the light on the lid lock flashes, it could be a sign that it’s time for a replacement.