How To Replace Lid Switch Lock Assembly On Samsung Washer Top-Load Model

How To Replace Lid Switch Lock Assembly On Samsung Washer Top-Load Model

This Samsung washer repair guide will walk you through the steps of replacement of the lid switch/lock assembly on a top-load Samsung washer. The assembly is equipped with a switch that determines whether the lid of the washer is open. If the lid open, the Samsung washer won’t start. The lid is secured throughout the cycle by a lock. If the lid switch or the lock isn’t working properly and the light for the lid lock blinks, your washer may require a new lid switch or lid lock. We recommend that you have a local washer technician diagnose any other issues. If the lid switch/lock assembly is faulty, replace the assembly with a manufacturer-approved washer part.

This guide is designed for vertical modular washers. Vertical modular washers have spinning at high speeds that remove water from the load. The lid is shut to shield you from the rotating parts. Replace the lock on the lid on a top-load Samsung washing machine


Turn off the power and water

Unplug the power cord to the outlet on your wall. Switch off the water supply valves on the Samsung washer. Wear protective gloves. Ask someone to assist you in moving the washer away from the wall.


The top panel needs to be lifted

Tape the lid closed so that it doesn’t open and result in damage to the control console. Lift the Samsung washer forward to access the back of the control console. Remove the top screws on the 2 hinge brackets on the back of the Samsung washer. Remove the wire cover and take out the screw. Move the top panel forward by about half an inch , and then lift the front of the top panel about one quarter inch. The panel should remain slightly raised and push it back about quarter inch before removing the brackets. Then, lift the top panel and then place it against the wall behind the Samsung washer.


Release the lid switch/lock assembly from the top panel

Using a 1/4-inch nut driver to remove the 2 mounting screws that secure the lid switch/lock assembly to the top panel. The lid switch/lock assembly may be taken off from the top panel. The lid switch/lock assembly remains attached to the wire harness. For now, let it hang on wire harness. Utilize a slot screwdriver unwind the wire harness from the clips that are on the side of the top panel. The white plastic wire harness clip is on the back of the panel. The wire harness is still connected to the electronic control board within the console. The plastic clip with the white color must be taken off from the top of the panel. You shouldn’t remove or pull the wire harness until you are ready.


Open the control console

Lower the top panel , then place it on side of the Samsung washer. To open the console’s rear panel, pull the washer forward. Take the two screws off the top of the back panel of the console. Push back on the control panel while sliding a putty knife under the right edge of the control panel in order to remove the clip for mounting. Repeat the process on the left side to unhook the console. The console should be placed on the upper part of the Samsung washer.


The lid switch/lock should be off

Locate the connector for wire harness to the lid switch/lock . It is located on the rear of the control board. The locking tab is released, and then pull the wire harness plug to the lid switch/locking unit from the control board’s receptacle. The lid switch/lock assembly wiring harness must be threaded into the hole located at the back of the top panel. Unlock the washer’s lid by release of the tape. The lock/lock switch on the washer’s lid is out. Close the lid again.


Install the new lid switch and lock assembly

Snap the console back into its mounting clips. Then, move the Samsung washer towards the back wall. Lift the top panel and then place it against the back wall in front of the Samsung washer. Put the end of the wire harness through the hole at the rear of the top panel. Insert the white plastic wire harness clip into the hole and secure it. Wire harness is routed through the upper panel’s side. fix the wire harness to the clips that are on the sides of the top panel. Position the lid switch/lock assembly on the top panel and secure it using the mounting screws. Carefully lower the top panel. Engage the brackets by pushing the panel forward by about a quarter of an inch until the panel falls and the brackets engage. Reverse the panel by a quarter of an inch to ensure it is to the frame. Release the clips and open the console for access to the electronic control board. Attach the wire harness to the correct connector of the electronic controller board. Make sure the locking tab snaps in place.


Reinstall the console

Place the console on the top of the panel, and then snap the mounting clips into place to secure the console onto the top panel. Install the screws on the top of the back panel and tighten them.


Install the screws for the back panel in a second time

Reinstall the screws on top of the control console’s hinges. Secure the screws. The tabs should be placed on the left side. Next to align the slots to the left side. Place the mounting screw. The mounting screw should be tightened to hold the cover in place.


Switch on the valves for water supply to restore water and power

Connect the Samsung washer to the outlet. Reinstall the Samsung washer in the original location. You’ll now be able to change the lock and lid switch assembly of a top-load Samsung washing machine. It’s possible that the lid lock or switch is not functioning correctly, or the light for the lid lock flashes, which could signal that it is time to replace it.