How To Replace Lid Switch Lock Assembly On GE Washer Top-Load Model

How To Replace Lid Switch Lock Assembly On GE Washer Top-Load Model

The GE washer maintenance guide offers step-by step instructions on how for replacing the lid switch/lock assembly for a top load GE washer. The unit has a sensor that can detect whether the washer lid is open. If the lid open and the GE washer will not start. The lid is secured during the cycle with a lock. If the lid switch or lock does not function correctly, and the lamp for the lid flashes, your washer may require a new lid switch or lid lock. Since different issues may have similar symptoms, we recommend having a local expert repair technician diagnose the cause. If the lid switch/lock assembly is faulty, replace the assembly with a manufacturer-approved washer part. This repair guide covers vertical modular washers. Vertical modular washers utilize a super-high-speed spin cycle that extracts water from the load; the lid is locked to shield you from the spinning parts.

Replacing the lock on the lid of top-loading GE washer

Turn off the power and water: Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. Shut off the valves for water supply of the GE washer. Protect your hands with work gloves. Request assistance from someone else to move the washer from the wall.

Lift the top panel: Seal the lid so it does not open and cause damage to the control console or hit your arms while you work. Lift the GE washer forward, allowing access to the back of the control console. Take off the top screws of the two hinge brackets that are on the side of the GE washer. Take off the wire cover, then remove the screw. The top panel should be moved forward by about 1/2 inch and raise the front of the panel up by about one quarter inch. Keep the panel slightly elevated and pull it back by a quarter inch to remove the brackets. Lift the top panel and prop it against the wall, behind the GE washer.

The lid switch/lock assembly must be released from the top panel: Utilizing a 1/4-inch driver for nut take off the two mounting screws that secure the lid switch/lock assembly the top panel. The lid switch and lock assembly can be removed from the top panel. The wire harness still has the lid switch/lock assembly. In the meantime, let it hang from wire harness. To remove the wire harness clips from the top panel use an slot screwdriver. Pry out the wire harness clip made of white plastic on the back of the panel’s front. The wire harness is still connected to the electronic control board that is inside the console. Remove the plastic clip that is white from the top panel–don’t remove the clip made of white plastic or take the wire harness off at this point.

Open the console: Lower the top panel and then place it on the top of the GE washer. To gain access to the console’s back panel, simply pull the washer towards the front. Remove the two screws from the top of the back panel of the console. Reverse the control panel while sliding an edge of a knife into the right side of the control panel until you can release the mounting clip. For the console to be released continue the procedure to the left. Set the console on top of the GE washer.

Remove the lid switch/lock assembly: Locate the wire harness connection to the lid switch/lock assembly located on the back of the control panel. Lock the tab that is locked, and then pull the wire harness connector for the lid switch/locking system from the control board receptacle. The lid switch/lock assembly wire harness into the hole at the bottom of the panel where you released the white plastic clip. Release the tape on the lid and slide open the lid of the washer. Pull the lid switch/lock assembly out of the washer. Close the lid again.

Install the new lid switch/lock assembly: The console should be re-snapped to the clips for mounting. Then, move the GE washer towards the back wall. The top panel should be lifted and then place it against the back wall in front of the GE washer. Then, push the end of the wire harness through the hole located at the back of the top panel. Push the white plastic wire harness clip through the hole, then put it in place. The wire harness must be inserted into the side panel on the top panel. Connect the wire harness by using clips located on the edges of the top panels. Set the lid switch/lock on top of the panel, and secure it with mounting screws. Lower the top panel. Pull the panel back about an inch to engage the brackets. The panel should be pulled back by about one quarter of an inch until it locks in place with the frame. Release the clips and unlock the console to access the electronic control board. Attach the wire harness to the appropriate connector on the electronic controller board. Be sure to ensure that the locking tab snaps into place.

Reinstall the console: Position the console on the top panel and snap the mounting clips to secure the console on the top panel. Install the screws on top of back panel and secure the screws.

Install the back panel screws in a second time: Reinstall the screws at the top of the control console’s hinges. The screws need to be tightened. The tabs must be placed on the left side. Then to align the slots to the left. The mounting screw should be inserted. Make sure the cover is secure by tightening the screw that is used to mount it.

Switch on the water supply valves to restore water and power: Connect the GE washer to the outlet. Reinstall the GE washer in its original position. It is likely that you now know how to replace the lid switch/lock assembly in a top-load GE washer. It is likely that the lid lock or switch isn’t working properly or the lid lock light flashes, which may indicate that it is time to replace it.