How To Replace Hotpoint Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

How To Replace Hotpoint Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

This step-by-step washer repair guide will help you replace the drain pump in top-loading Hotpoint washing machine. If your Hotpoint washer isn’t draining properly it, you must first check the drain for obstructions as well as the drain hose for a kink–don’t skip this step to troubleshoot.

If the drain and drain hose are clear, replace the drain pump with a manufacturer-approved washer part if the pump runs but doesn’t pump out the water, or if it doesn’t run at all because the motor no longer works. Replacing the Hotpoint drain pump in top load washer


Shut off power and water

Disconnect the power cord to the wall outlet. Turn off the valves for water supply for the washer. Wear protective gloves on your hands. Help someone lift the Hotpoint washer from the wall.


Disconnect the hoses:

Mark which fill hose connects to the hot connector and which goes to the cold. Utilizing channel lock pliers, gently loosen and take off the fill hoses. You can expect some water to spill out. The drain pipe should be removed from the standpipe located in front of the washer. Expect some water to spill out.


Carefully lay the washer on its front side:

Then move the Hotpoint washer to an area that you can work in it. To avoid scratches to the Hotpoint washer’s front panel, set the cardboard or towels in front. To reach the drain pump, turn the Hotpoint washer to the forward position , then place it on the front of the panel.


Take out the drain pump:

Use pliers to release the spring clamp attached to the drain pipe. The drain hose should be removed from the drain pump. Uncover the cover that protects the plug for wire harness of the drain pump. The wire harness plug is pulled out of the receptacle attached to the drain pump. The drain pump is secured to the bottom by 3 bolts. Take the pump off and put aside to be disposed of.


Install the drain pump that you purchased:

Position the new drain pump at the lower part of the Hotpoint washer and secure it with three bolts. The wire harness should be connected to the outlet on the new pump. Close the cover around the wire harness connection. Reverse the drain hose onto the drain pump’s outlet. Fix it with the spring clamp.


Set the washer upright:

Make sure you set the Hotpoint washer up on its feet and then move it close enough to the filling hoses that they can be connected.


Reinstall the fill hoses

The fill hoses should be threaded onto the connections on the back of your Hotpoint washer. Use a pair channel lock pliers to tighten the connections. 


Repair the power and water by turning on the valves that supply water

Make sure you tighten the connection if notice a tiny leak. Connect the washer to the electrical outlet. Restore the Hotpoint washer to its original location. Although the process of replacing the Hotpoint drain pumps in top-load washers isn’t easy the process is easy for anyone with the right tools. The process involves cutting off water and power while accessing the pump as well as setting up the new one. It’s important to remember to unplug the Hotpoint washer before attempting any repairs. And if you’re not sure about any part of the procedure you should consult the manufacturer’s manual or call a professional for assistance.

With a little patience and time it is possible to get your Hotpoint washer back in operation and cut down on the cost of repairs. Make sure to check the washer for leaks after you have replaced the drain pump.