How To Replace Electrolux Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

How To Replace Electrolux Drain Pump In A Top Load Washer

This step-by-step washer repair guide shows how to change the drain pump on a Electrolux top-load washer. Check your washing machine’s drain to find any obstructions. Next, inspect the drain hose, to see whether there’s a kink.

If the drain and drain hose are clear, replace the drain pump with a manufacturer-approved washer part if the pump runs but doesn’t pump out the water, or if it doesn’t run at all because the motor no longer works. Replacement of the Electrolux drain pump using top-loading washer


Turn off electricity and water

Unplug the power cord from wall outlet. Switch off the water supply valves for the washer. Wear protective gloves on your hands. Let someone assist you in moving the Electrolux washer away from the wall.


Remove the hoses from the connectors:

Mark which fill hose goes to the hot connector, and which goes to the cold connector. Channel lock pliers are used to carefully remove two fill hoses. Expect water to spill out. The drain hose must be removed from the standpipe located in the front of the washer. You can expect some water to come out.


Lay the washer carefully on its front panel

Move the Electrolux washer to an area that you can work on. Place towels or cardboard in front of the washer in order to avoid scratching the front of the Electrolux washer. To access the drain pump, tilt the Electrolux washer forward position and place it on the front of the panel.


To disengage the drain pump you need to use pliers to release the spring clamp

The drain hose should be removed from the drain pump. Remove the cover that covers the plug for wire harness of the drain pump. The drain pump’s wire harness plug can be pulled out of its receptacle. The three bolts connect the drain pump to the top of the washer tub. Get the pump removed and put it in a container for disposal.


Installing the new drain pump

Place the new drain pump on the side of the Electrolux washer and secure it with the three bolts. The wire harness must be connected to the outlet of the new pump. Secure the wire harness connection. Place the drain hose on the drain pump outlet. Join the spring clamp and hold it in place.


Place the washer on its side

Move the washer closer to the fill hoses as possible so that they can be connected. Install the fill hoses again to thread the fill hoses onto the connections to the back of the Electrolux washer. Connect the connections securely using a pair of channel lock pliers.


Restore water and power by activating the valves for water supply

Make sure you tighten the connection if find a slight leak. Connect the washer to the outlet. Then, return the Electrolux washer to its original place. Although replacing the Electrolux drain pumps on top-load washers can seem daunting, anyone can do it with the right tools. The process includes cutting off water and power as well as accessing the pump, and setting up the new one. It’s important to remember to always unplug the Electrolux washer prior to attempting repairs.

If you’re not sure about any aspect of the process you must look up the instruction manual for the manufacturer or seek out a professional assistance. It is possible to make your Electrolux washer to work again with a little patience and a little bit of patience. Make sure you test the machine after replacing the drain pump to ensure that it’s running properly and there’s no leakage.