How To Fix Speed Queen Washing Machine Won’t Finish Cycle

Speed Queen washers that do not move into the next cycle of washing could create confusion and frustration. The issue could result from a range of reasons, from the simplest to more complex.

We’ll discuss the most commonly-cited reasons for why your Speed Queen washer won’t advance to the next cycle, and provide step-by step instructions for fixing it. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a first-time fixer-upper this guide will guide you to fix your Speed Queen washing machine back in good working order in a matter of minutes. The reason why your Speed Queen washer will not advance to the next cycle is contingent on the kind of washer you have.

A top-loading Speed Queen dishwasher cannot advance to the spin and drain cycle if the lid switch is broken and making the timer believe that the lid of the washer has been opened. Speed Queen washers that fail to complete their cycle might be suffering from a malfunctioning timer or defective water-level pressure switches. On a vertical modular top-load Speed Queen washer, a bad shifter assembly or drain pump can stop the machine in mid-cycle. A lot of suds may cause the washer to stop working before the cycle has finished.

For the front load Speed Queen washer, a broken door lock assembly for the washer and a failed main control board, or malfunctioning motor control board could hinder the Speed Queen washer from completing one cycle. When the washer detects any issue, it will send a digital error code to the control board. This could cause the cycle to stop. These repairs could help you solve your Speed Queen Washer Problem Replace the switch on the lid of the washer.

The lid switch for top-loading Speed Queen washers is a safety switch that determines whether the lid is shut. The lid must be shut when the basket spins; should the Speed Queen washer does not detect that the lid has been opened it will not spin, and drain after the wash cycle. Some top-load Speed Queen models require that the washer lid be closed prior to the time the drive motor begins to run.

Top-load Speed Queen washers that have top-loading will not fill up if the lid is open. Replace the switch if the lid switch doesn’t detect if the lid is closed. Replace the Speed Queen washer-shifter assembly The lower part of the gear box houses the shifter assembly, often referred to as an actuator-in-a top-load washer. The motor inside the shifter assembly switches the drive system from the spin mode to the agitation. A sensor located on the shifter monitors the position of the drive system throughout the wash cycle. The washer will stop when the sensor, motor or mechanical component of the shifter assembly fails, and give an error code.

If the assembly of the shifter fails you should replace it. The Speed Queen washer’s door lock assembly requires replacement. A front-load Speed Queen washer comes with a safety switch that is latchable, as well as a locking mechanism. The door won’t lock if any of the components fail when it is opened. If a component fails while the door is closed, it will not open. Replace the entire assembly if any component fails.


Replace the main Speed Queen washer controller:

The main electronic control board (also called the mother board) regulates the timing and execution of washer component functions. It controls the drain valves and fill valves pumps, in addition to the drive motor. Change the Speed Queen washer timer :The timer -also known as a cycle selector — is the dial that you use to control the cycle of the Speed Queen washing machine using mechanical controls. The timer controls the Speed Queen washer’s cycle from filling it up to spinning. Replace the timer if it fails to move the washer through its cycles.


Replace or repair or replace the Speed Queen washer drain pump:

The drain pump is responsible for removing water from the Speed Queen washer at appropriate intervals during the wash cycle. The impeller blades, seal and bearing of the pump can wear out. A belt-driven motor can see its belt break , and the pulley can shatter. A humming noise when you notice that the Speed Queen washer is flooded is a common symptom of a failing pump. In some cases you can fix the pump by clearing it of any debris, fixing wiring failures or replacing an impeller. If the pump can’t be repaired or rebuilt in any way, replace it.


Replacing the Speed Queen washer motor control board:

The motor control board is a board for circuit control in a front-load Speed Queen washer. It’s typically in the lowest part of the washer right next to the drive motor. It controls and monitors the drive motor’s speed and direction for the tumble and spin activities during the cycle. If the motor doesn’t run it’s possible that the motor control board might need to be replaced.

Replace the Speed Queen washer water-level pressure switch:

The water-level pressure switch is used to determine the level of water in the wash tub. The washer will not fill properly if the pressure sensor is damaged. It may not fill as it should or it might overfill to the point where it overflows. Change the pressure switch if it fails to sense or regulate the level of water in the washer.