How To Fix Roper Washer With A Lid Or Door That Wont Open

How To Fix Roper Washer With A Lid Or Door That Wont Open

Door Lock Or Interlock

The door lock, also known as the interlock is a security mechanism that is installed in front-load Roper washing machines and on certain Roper top-load washers that keeps the lid and door from being opened when the machine is in operation. The system comprises a door mounted catch and the door lock mechanism that is located on the back of the door shroud/front panel or the top of the main. The lock mechanism is comprised of switches, and typically an unlock/lock or a wax motor solenoid. Once the cycle has begun, the washer control is activated the solenoid/wax engine of the lock to protect the lid and door from opening. When the cycle the control will turn on the solenoid that unlocks the door or will shut off the door lock wax motor. The type of wax motor solenoid generally takes at least an hour or so to deactivate or activate. If the lid or door will not open at the end of the cycle, then the lock mechanism could be at fault. Roper washers have a manually operated release mechanism that unlocks the mechanism and allows you to unlock the door or lid. The release can be accessed from below the door lock, or on some models, from inside the soap dispenser’s enclosure. How to inspect the Roper door lock on a washer:

  1. Disconnect your Roper washer from its power source before beginning.
  2. Locate and clean your door lock to remove any films or debris that may have built up. It’s located beneath the lid or in the frame of the washing machine.
  3. If the issue continues then you should take the door lock off of the Roper washer and examine the lock for damage, cracks, or wear. It is likely that you will have to remove all or part of the cabinet for the washer for the switch to be removed.
  4. If that your lock has any of the signs above it is time to get an new door lock.

Door Strike & Catch & Hook

The door strike (also called the hook, the catch, or catch) is an safety device that is installed on front loading Roper washers. It also turns on the lid switch in top-load washers. For Roper front load washers the door hook is utilized to trigger the locking mechanism. If the door hook becomes damaged, it could not be able to activate the door lock mechanism, or may not be able to disengage easily from the mechanism at the close of the cycle. The door strike, also known as a hook, is typically made of rigid plastic. It may be damaged by normal use and abuse or if someone attempts to unlock the door when the lock is on. What is the best way to examine the door strike of the Roper washing machine:

  1. This is an easy inspection, no tools or removal is needed.
  2. Locate your door strike. It is located in the door frame of your Roper washing machine.
  3. Inspect the strike for indications of damage or wear. Also, look over the strike for indications of wear, cracks or damage.
  4. If you find any issues when you perform the tests above it is likely that you need a Roper replacement door strike.

Lid Hinge & Pin

On top-loading Roper washing machines, there will be two hinges to connect the lid to the main top. The hinges can be constructed from metal or plastic and will eventually wear out due to normal wear and tear. If you’re experiencing difficulty opening the lid then the hinges may be the cause. How to check the hinges and pins of your Roper washer:

  1. Since you’ll be exposed to electrical components as part of the examination, make sure that you disconnect your Roper washer prior to starting.
  2. Begin by lifting the lid. Then, examine the hinges and pins for wear, cracks, or dirt.
  3. To inspect the hinges as well as the pins from all sides lifting or removing the cover that covers the main one. If you notice any issues in the process You will have to buy the Roper replacement hinges.