How To Fix Miele Washer That Fills and Drains At The Same Time

How To Fix Miele Washer That Fills and Drains At The Same Time

You are not the only person wondering why the Miele washer is draining at the same time. This is a common problem and can be caused by many things. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common reasons behind this issue. We’ll offer step-by step instructions for fixing the problem with a Miele washing machine that fills and drains simultaneously. No matter if you’re a skilled DIYer or a first-time fixer-upper, this guide will assist you in getting your Miele washing machine back in working order in no time.

Water Inlet Valve :The water inlet valve that is on your Miele washing machine allows you to fill the tub up with cold, warm or hot water for washing and rinse cycles. The electric solenoids control the valve. They are controlled by the electronic control board as well as the timer, water level control/water selector switch , or the pressure switch. If your Miele washer is filling up during a drain cycle then the valve that allows water to enter could be the cause. To verify that the valve is at fault remove the washer from the outlet when the symptom occurs. The inlet valve may be inoperable if the washer fills constantly. The issue could be in the circuit that controls the valve. How to test the valve that opens water for the Miele washing machines using the multimeter:

  1. Disconnect the water supply as well as the power source to your Miele washing machine prior to starting.
  2. The valve needs to be removed to examine it. It can be found in the hose connections. You’ll need to remove every part or the cabinet for your washer to get it out.
  3. There may be screens in the valve that are clogged with dirt and other debris. It is recommended to clean any dirt or debris you find. Screens cannot be sold separately and will need to be replaced if damaged. It is also important to inspect the outside of the valve for damage, wear or cracking.
  4. Your owner’s manual will give the resistance readings needed for valves that are functional. They vary between Miele washer models. Once you have the correct reading, set your multimeter to Rx1 to be in contact with the terminals of your valve’s terminals.
  5. If the test shows the valve doesn’t have continuity, you’ll need a Miele replacement valve for water inlet.

The water level switch, also known as a pressure switch and air dome tube: The water level switch, which is activated by water pressure is used to control the water level within the tub. The control panel typically include this component. It may also include an air dome tube or hose that connects to the tub. This switch is usually located underneath the tub on Miele washers, which have an electronic control. As the water fills the tub, it compresses the air inside the tube, pushing against the diaphragm of the switch. The water inlet valve is controlled by the switch . the valve will shut off when the water level is right. How do you test the water level switch on a Miele washing machine

  1. Since you will be working with electrical parts, be sure that you’ve disconnected the appliance prior to starting.
  2. Start by opening the Miele cabinet of the washer and taking the air dome out. In the sink, place the hose and seal the other end and then blow it into the other. If any bubbles rise to the surface, you’ll need a new air dome hose.
  3. Inspect the switch and the pipe for signs of fraying or cracking wear, or damage.
  4. If you find your switch is damaged it is time to get a Miele replacement water level switch. An Miele washer that drains concurrently can be a hassle.

However, with correct tools and the right knowledge it is easy to get the issue repaired. When you are able to identify the most common sources of this issue for example, a clogged drain hose, a malfunctioning water intake valve or an inoperable pressure switch, it’s possible to solve the issue and get your Miele washer back to working order in no time. Always consult the Miele washer’s owner’s guide for specific instructions , and also to unplug the machine prior to making repairs. You can have your Miele washer working like new with just a bit of patience and know-how.