How To Fix Inglis Washing Machine Won’t Finish Cycle

A Inglis washing machine that doesn’t continue to the next cycle may be an annoyance and a challenge to resolve. There are many possibilities for the cause, ranging from simple to complex.

In this article, we will examine the most commonly-cited reasons the Inglis washing machine won’t go on to the next cycle and provide step-by step instructions on how to diagnose and solve the issue. If you’re a skilled DIYer or a first-time fixer-upper, this guide will help fix your Inglis washing machine back into running in no time. The reason that a Inglis machine will not advance to the next cycle is contingent on the type of washer that you have.

A top-load Inglis washing machine will not advance to the spin or drain cycle if a broken lid switch is telling the timer that the washer lid is open. A Inglis washer that doesn’t complete the cycle may have a damaged timer or an inoperable pressure switch for the water level. On a vertical modular top-load Inglis washer, a bad shifter assembly or a failed drain pump could cause the washing machine mid-cycle. A lot of suds may cause the washer to stop working before the cycle finishes. For the front load Inglis washer, a malfunctioning door lock assembly for the washer or a malfunctioning main electronic control board, or faulty motor control board can cause the Inglis washer from concluding a cycle. If the washer notices any issue, it will send a code of error to the controller board. This can result in the cycle having to be stopped.

The following repair suggestions could assist in resolving the issue Inglis WASHER PROBLEM


Replace the switch for the washer’s lid

The lid switch on top-load Inglis washers is a safety switch that determines whether the lid is shut. The lid must be shut when the basket spins. should the Inglis washer incorrectly senses that the lid is closed the machine will not spin or drain after the wash cycle. Certain top-load Inglis models need the lid of the washer to be closed prior to the time the drive motor starts to spin. Top-load Inglis washers that are top-load will not fill up if the lid is open. If the lid switch isn’t detecting whether the lid is shut, replace the switch.


Change the Inglis washer-shifter assembly

The bottom of the gearbox is where the shifter assembly is located, often referred to as an actuator-in-a top-load washer. The motor in the shifter assembly moves the drive system from the spin mode to the agitation. The movement of the drive system is monitored through a sensor that is mounted on the shifter. If the motor, sensor or mechanical parts of the assembly fail, the washing machine will stop and emits an error message. Replace the shifter assembly if it malfunctions.


Replace the Inglis door lock assembly for the washer:

The door lock assembly on a front-load Inglis washer has a safety switch that checks if the door of the washer is shut with a latch, as well as a locking mechanism. If any of these components fail while the door open, the door won’t be locked; however, if a part fails with the door is shut, the door won’t open. If a component fails, replace the entire assembly.


Replace the Inglis washer’s main control board:

The main electronic control board, also called the mother board is responsible for the timing and the execution of washer component functions. It regulates the fill valves the drive motor, as well as the drain pump. Replace the Inglis washertimer : The timer, also known as cycle selector, is the dial you use to set the frequency of the Inglis washing machine that has mechanical controls. The timer causes the Inglis washer move through its cycles, beginning with filling up until the final spin. Replace the timer when it doesn’t move the washer through its cycle.


Repair or replace the Inglis washer drain pump:

The drain pump eliminates water from the Inglis washer at appropriate times throughout the wash cycle. The pump’s bearing can seize and the seal may fail or the impeller blades could break. A belt-driven pump may have its belt break and its pulley could shear. If your Inglis washer is leaking or hum, it could be an indication of a malfunctioning pump. You can repair the pump in certain instances by clearing obstructions from it or replacing a seal or fixing wiring issues. If the pump cannot be repaired or rebuilt in any way, replace it. Replacing the Inglis washer motor control board :The motor control board is a circuit-control board in a front-load Inglis washer that’s usually in the lower portion of the washing machine close to the drive motor. It controls the speed of the drive motor and the direction in which it’s directed to for motions of the spin and tumble. If the motor does not run it’s possible that the motor control board may need to be replaced.


Replace the Inglis washer water-level pressure switch

The water-level pressure switch measures the level of water in the tub. If the pressure switch for water level is defective, the washer won’t fill properly. It might not fill properly or overfill even to the point that it is overflowing. If the pressure switch doesn’t accurately monitor and control the water level in the washer, replace it.