How To Fix Hoover Washer That Fills and Drains At The Same Time

How To Fix Hoover Washer That Fills and Drains At The Same Time

You’re not the only one who has wondered why your Hoover washer is draining concurrently. It’s a common issue and can be caused by various factors. We’ll be discussing the most prevalent causes and giving step-by-step directions on how to fix an appliance from Hoover that has both drains and fills at the same time. No matter if you’re a skilled DIYer or just a newbie repairer, this guide will help you get your Hoover washing machine back to functioning in no time.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve on your Hoover washing machine is used to supply the tub with cold, warm or hot water to wash and rinse cycles. The solenoids on the electrical circuits control the valve. They are controlled by the electronic control board as well as the timer, water level control/water selector switch , or the pressure switch. If your Hoover washer does not fill when draining it is possible that the valve for water inlet may be at fault. To confirm that the valve is at fault, unplug the washer when the symptoms occur. If the Hoover washer does not stop filling, then the inlet valve is malfunctioning. If the Hoover washer stops filling the water, then the issue may be related to the circuit of electricity that regulates the valve. How do you check the water inlet valve of a Hoover washing machines by using a multimeter

  1. Connect the water supply and the power source from your Hoover washer prior to beginning.
  2. To test the valve, remove it. It will be hidden behind the hose connections. It’s necessary to disassemble all or part of your cabinet for the washer in order to take it off.
  3. Inside the valve, you’ll find screens that may have buildups of dirt or other particles. Carefully clean out anything you can find, but exercise cautiously as these screens aren’t sold as an independent item from the valve. And in the event that they become damaged, you will need to replace the entire valve. Also, examine the exterior of the valve for cracks, wear, and damage.
  4. Consult the manual of your owner to determine the resistance reading required for a functioning valve differs among different models of Hoover washers. When you’ve got the desired reading, turn your multimeter to Rx1 and be in contact with the terminals of your valve’s terminals.
  5. If the test shows the valve is not in continuity, you will need a Hoover replacement valve for water inlet.

Water Level Switch Pressure Switch and Air Dome Tube

The water level switch is a pressure activated switch that helps determine the right level of water in the tub. The control panel usually have this part. It could also be equipped with an air dome tube, or hose that connects the tub. For Hoover washers that use an electronic control it is possible that this switch will be situated in an area called the sump that is beneath the tub. As the water fills the tub it will compress the air inside the tube and push it against the diaphragm of the switch. The valve for water inlet is controlled by the switch . the valve will be shut off when the water level is in order. How do you test the water level control switch in a Hoover washing machine:

  1. Before working with electric components, make sure you disconnect your appliance.
  2. Start by opening the Hoover washer’s cabinet and taking out the air dome. In the sink, place the hose, seal one end, and then blow it into the other. You will need to replace the air dome hose when bubbles start to appear.
  3. Make sure to inspect the hose and switch to see if there is fraying, cracking or wear.
  4. If you notice that the switch is damaged then you’ll need a Hoover replacement water switch. In conclusion we can say that a Hoover washing machine that fills and drains simultaneously could be a hassle to deal with, but with the right information and tools, it’s a fixable issue.

It’s easy to fix the most frequent issues, such as a blocked drain hose, an inefficient water intake valve, or a an issue with the pressure switch. Remember to always look up the Hoover washer’s owner’s guide for specific guidelines and to disconnect the machine prior to making any repairs. With just a bit of patience and know-how, you’ll have your Hoover washing machine functioning just like new in a matter of minutes.