How To Fix Crosley Washer That Won’t Stop Filling With Water

How To Fix Crosley Washer That Won’t Stop Filling With Water

You’ve probably had the experience of an Crosley washing machine that was constantly from filling up with water. This isn’t just a waste of water and energy, it could cause harm to your floors or your Crosley washing machine itself. In this post, we’ll take a look at the most common reasons for this issue and give step-by-step instructions on how to fix a Crosley wash that isn’t stopping filling up with water. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or are a total novice, you’ll find all the details you require to bring your Crosley washing machine back into good working in good working order. Follow this article if you’re willing to fix your Crosley washer!

Water Inlet Valve

The Water Inlet Valve of your Crosley washing machines is used to supply the tub with hot, cold or warm water. The electric solenoids regulate the valve. They are controlled by the electronic control board, the timer and the water level control/water selector switch as well as the pressure switch. If your Crosley washer is filling up over the course of a cycle then the water inlet valve may be at fault. To confirm that the valve is defective, unplug the Crosley washer as soon as the symptom occurs. If the Crosley washer continues to fill, it is likely that the valve that allows water to enter is inoperable. If the washer doesn’t fill the problem could be due to the circuit electrical that controls the valve. How to check the water inlet valve on a Crosley washing machine with a multi-meter

  1. Similar to other tests make sure you’ve disconnected the electrical source of your Crosley appliance prior to starting because you’ll be working with electrical components.
  2. Find and remove your water inlet valve. It is most often found in the middle of the hose connection and you’ll need to take off the back panel to get it in place.
  3. Visually inspect the valve for any signs of damage or wear. The valve is fitted with screens within it, inspect these screens for any signs of debris, be sure to do this with care because these screens cannot be replaced and if they get damaged you’ll have to replace the entire valve.
  4. A multi-meter is used to Rx1 and Rx1, connect the probes to the valve’s connections. The reading you should receive differs from model to model check your owners manual to find out what results your test will produce.
  5. If your valve has been damaged, or if the tests do not meet the recommendations You will require a Crosley replacement water inlet valve.

Water Level Switch and Pressure Switch and Air Dome Tube

The water level switch is a switch that activates by pressure which is used to determine the proper water level within the tub. This part is normally located behind the control panel and may contain a hose, or air dome tube that connects to the tub. This switch can be located under the tub in Crosley washers that have an electronic control. The water will fill the tub and expand the air inside, pushing against the diaphragm. The switch will control the water inlet valve , and turn the valve off at the appropriate level of water. The washer could overfill if the tube is damaged or leaky. If the switch is not working properly, it may also cause the machine to fill too high. How do you test the water level switch of aCrosley washing machine:

  1. You’ll be working with electrical components so make sure you disconnect the washer from power before you start.
  2. For the removal and location of the water level switch as well as the air dome tube that is in the inside of your Crosley washer, just open the cabinet. Once the air dome tube has been removed, put one end of it in the water tank and then blow into the other. Undamaged hoses aren’t likely to produce bubbles.
  3. Check the hose as well as the valve for signs of cracking, wear, or damage. If you observe any problems following the above tests it is possible that you require a Crosley replacement Water Level Switch.

A Crosley washing machine which isn’t able to fill with water can lead to expensive and annoying issues. It’s possible to save time as well as money by learning the causes and then taking the necessary actions to correct the issue. This article can help you repair the problem with your Crosley washer, no matter whether the issue is with the water level switch or the valve for inlet. Before you start any repairs It’s recommended to consult the washer’s manual. It will provide specific procedures for troubleshooting, as well as safety guidelines. If you’re not confident in your ability to resolve the problem on your own It’s best to get an expert to help with the repair. With a little knowledge and the right method, you can fix Crosley washers that do not fill up with water. And, then, you can go back to laundry.