How To Fix A Hotpoint Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Ice

A refrigerator is an indispensable appliance that is essential to every home. It keeps food and drinks fresh and chilled. But when it stops dispensing Ice, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. A Hotpoint fridge may not be able to dispense Ice due to problems with the dispenser’s motor, a blocked water filter or a malfunctioning maker. The following article will cover the most common issues and ways to fix the problem with your Hotpoint Refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser. With a little bit of knowledge, you’ll save money on a service call and avoid the need to buy an expensive new appliance.

Hotpoint Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The Hotpoint Ice Bucket Auger can be found inside the ice box. When the dispenser is activated it will turn to move the ice to the bin’s outlet chute. The auger is powered by a motor that is mounted behind the bin with the drive forks that are mounted on the gear box shaft. The gear box is turned slow, but it has plenty of power to push the ice. If the auger isn’t turning you should first verify the motor is operating. The gear box/motor typically makes enough noise that it is possible to be able to hear it even when the freezer door closed.

If the motor isn’t working, you can test the continuity of the motor using the aid of a multi-meter. Take the appliance off power before performing this test. If the motor has continuity, then you must confirm that it is getting power when ice dispense is selected. This is an electrical test performed live and must only be conducted by a certified person. If no power is being connected to the motor’s electrical terminals, you need to check the control actuator and switch.

Hotpoint Ice Dispenser Actuator

The actuator of the ice maker is the component that triggers the micro switch on the dispenser. It’s usually a plastic lever that is moved by the tumbler. Additionally, it might be covered with pads of soft plastic. You can usually hear a click as the switch is engaged. If the auger motor and dispenser door do not receive power, you need to look at the switch and actuator. Take off the cover on the control panel to check that the actuator connects effectively the dispenser switch. If not, check the bracket that mounts the switch, actuator pivot, and actuator housing bracket. Replace any malfunctioning parts. If the actuator has trouble communicating with the switch, you will need to check the switch or control board to determine the cause of the issue. When working near electrical circuits, you should remove the power supply to the device.

Hotpoint Micro Switch

Momentary contact switch, the micro switch in the dispenser, is used to start the motor of the auger. It is located behind the pad or lever that is used to dispensate Ice. To open the switch, first, turn off the power supply. After that, remove the cover off the panel. A multi-meter can be utilized to verify continuity.

Hotpoint Dispenser Control Board

Some models of Hotpoint refrigerators utilize an electronic control to provide power to the auger motor and the dispenser door solenoid. You may have a defective Hotpoint electronic controller when they cease to electricity and the actuator or switch isn’t functioning properly.

In conclusion, it’s true that a Hotpoint refrigerator that isn’t able to make ice can be a frustrating issue to address However, there are plenty of potential solutions to try before getting an expert. You can solve the issue yourself by following the steps that are described in this post. This will reduce time and cost. Make sure you check the water filter as well as the dispenser motor for any issues. Also, be patient while waiting for fresh frozen ice to be produced. It is possible to get your Hotpoint refrigerator to to dispensing Ice as usual with small amount of effort. This will ensure that your beverages remain cool and refreshing throughout the entire year.