How To Fix A GE Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Ice

A refrigerator is an essential appliance for every household. It keeps our beverages fresh and food items chilled. However, if it stops dispense an ice cube, it can become difficult and frustrating. There are a few reasons that a GE refrigerator may stop dispensing ice, such as a faulty dispenser motor, a blocked water filter, or an inoperable ice maker. We’ll cover common problems and solutions to fix your GE refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser. You can save money by having a professional fix your appliance, and you will not having to purchase a brand new one.

GE Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The GE Ice Bucket Auger is inside the ice bin. When the dispenser is turned on, it is able to rotate and move the ice forward towards the bin’s outlet chute. The auger is powered by a motor that is positioned behind the bin and is equipped with the drive forks on the shaft of the gearbox. The gear box rotates slowly but has lots of power to push the ice. You should verify that the motor is functioning before you try to turn the auger. The gear box usually produces enough noise that it is possible to be able to hear it even when the freezer door closed.

You can test for continuity with an multimeter when the motor isn’t functioning. Before you perform this test make sure you turn off the power supply to the appliance. Make sure the motor is getting power at the ice maker you have selected, If it is in continuity. This is an live voltage test which should only be done by trained personnel. You should inspect the switch and actuators for control in the event that no power is connected to the motor’s terminals.

GE Ice Dispenser Actuator

The component that acts as a mechanical trigger for the micro switch on your dispenser is called the ice dispenser actuator. It’s usually a plastic lever that is moved by your tumbler. Alternatively, it might be covered with a soft plastic pad. There is usually an audible click when the switch is engaged. The actuator should be inspected or switch if the dispenser’s door and motor for the auger aren’t receiving energy. Take off the cover of the control panel and make sure that the actuator contacts the switch correctly. If not, inspect the bracket housing for the actuator, the bracket that mounts the switch, and the pivot of the actuator. Repair any damaged components. You will need to replace the defective part if the actuator contacts the switch. When working near electrical circuits, you should disconnect the power supply from the appliance.

GE Micro Switch

The dispenser micro switch is a contact-based momentary switch that , when activated, will supply energy to the auger motor and the solenoid for the door of the dispenser. The switch is located behind the lever or pad which is used to disperse Ice. To access the switch, you will first need to remove the power supply. Next, remove the cover off the panel. It is possible to check the continuity of the switch by using a multi-meter.

GE Dispenser Control Board

Certain models of GE refrigerators have an electronic control to provide energy to the auger motor and dispenser door solenoid. There could be a problem with the GE electronic controller if you cease to power and the actuator or switch isn’t functioning properly.

A GE refrigerator that does not have ice dumping capabilities can be frustrating. There are many possible solutions you can attempt before making a call to a professional. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can resolve the issue yourself, and save time and money in the process. Take the time to check the water filter as well as the dispenser motor for any faults. Be patient as you wait for fresh ice to be created. With just a bit of effort, you can get your GE refrigerator back to making the same ice as it does, which will ensure your drinks stay cool and refreshing throughout the entire year.