How To Fix A Crosley Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Ice

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in every home. It keeps beverages fresh and food items chilled. However, if it stops dispense ice, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. There are many reasons why your Crosley refrigerator may stop dispensing ice, like a broken dispenser motor, a jammed water filter or a malfunctioning ice maker. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common troubleshooting procedures to help you fix your Crosley refrigerator’s ice maker, and bring it back up and functioning. With a little bit of know-how, you’ll save money on a repair and avoid the expense of purchasing an expensive new appliance.

Crosley Ice Bucket Auger Motor

The Crosley Ice Bucket Auger is located in the ice container and when the dispenser is activated it rotates to pull the ice towards the outlet chute of the bin. The auger is driven by a motor mounted behind the bin using the drive forks attached to the shaft of the gear box. The gear box rotates slowly , yet it has enough force to move the ice. It is important to confirm whether the motor is operating before you try to turn the auger. You should be able to hear the motor/gear box making enough noise to be heard even with the freezer door shut.

If the motor isn’t operating then you can check the continuity of the motor using an instrument such as a multi-meter. Remove power from the appliance before performing this test. If the motor has continuity then you should verify that it is getting power when ice dispense is selected. This is live voltage testing and should only be carried out by a qualified person. You must examine the control actuators and switches for any power that is not being provided to the motor terminals.

Crosley Ice Dispenser Actuator

The part of the mechanical that triggers your micro switch for your dispenser is known as the ice dispenser actuator. The actuator is typically an incredibly small lever made of plastic that rotates when the tumbler is pressed. It could be covered by a soft plastic pad. The switch is likely to click when it is touched. If the auger motor and dispenser door aren’t receiving the required power, you should inspect the actuator and switch. Take off the control panel cover to verify that the actuator contacts properly the dispenser switch. If not, inspect the switch mounting bracket, actuator pivot, and actuator housing bracket. Repair any damaged or damaged parts. It is necessary to replace any damaged parts that touch the switch. It is recommended to disconnect the power source from the device when it is working close to electrical circuits.

Crosley Micro Switch

The dispenser micro switch is a momentary switch that when activated it will provide electricity to the motor for the auger and the solenoid of the dispenser door. It is located behind the pad or lever that is pressed to dispense an ice. To gain access to the switch you will first need to remove the power supply. Next, remove the cover off the panel. A multi-meter is a good tool to verify the continuity.

Crosley Dispenser Control Board

Certain models of Crosley refrigerators have an electronic control to supply power to the auger motor and the dispenser door solenoid. If you have verified that they’re not receiving power and the actuator and switch are operating properly it could be that you have an electronic control issue in the Crosley.

In the end it is clear that the issue of a Crosley refrigerator that isn’t able to make Ice can be a difficult problem to deal with There are plenty of potential solutions to try before calling a professional. You can fix the problem yourself by following the steps that are described in this post. This will reduce time and cost. Remember to check the motor of the dispenser, the water filter, and the ice maker for any faults or clogs, and be patient when waiting for the maker to make fresh ice. With just a bit of effort, you can have your Crosley refrigerator back to making regular ice, and ensure that the drinks are cool and refreshing throughout the entire year.