Hotpoint Washing Machine Stops Mid Cycle – Fixed

Hotpoint Washing Machine Stops Mid Cycle – Fixed

It can be frustrating and confusing when your Hotpoint washer stop mid-cycle. It is not only inconvenient having to restart the cycle, but it can also be costly if the problem is not resolved and requires professional assistance. However, many causes of a washing machine from Hotpoint stopping mid-cycle can be easily fixed by the home owner.

We’ll discuss the most common causes Hotpoint washing machines stop mid-cycle and offer steps-by-step solutions. We’ll help you fix the timer and examine the door lock to make sure your Hotpoint washer runs smoothly again. If you’re having trouble with a stubborn Hotpoint machine or simply looking to save money on repairs, keep reading for tips on how to repair a Hotpoint washer that stops mid-cycle.


Incoming Power Problem

Check that the power cord isn’t loose. To ensure constant electrical supply for your Hotpoint washer, it has to be securely plugged in.


Washing Machine Control Board

The Hotpoint control board for a washing machine provides voltage to nearly every one of the washer’s electrical components, a faulty board may cause the washer to stop in mid-cycle. The board is able to be examined for evidence of burned or shorted parts. After studying the wiring diagram, you can use a multimeter to test the power output connections.


Door lock for the washing machine switch and motor

This Hotpoint door lock secures the door of the washer when it is in use. The Hotpoint washer will begin to operate after the door is shut. If the Hotpoint washer door is not locked shut, the door switch prevents the Hotpoint washer from operating. The washer can stop at any point in the cycle if the door lock fails. The door lock could malfunction either electrically or mechanically. Inspect the door lock to find any damage. Replace the door lock if it’s broken or isn’t latching correctly.


Washing machine lid switch assembly

This stops the washer spinning when the lid is opened. The washer could stop mid-cycle in the event that the lid switch assembly is defective. To check if the lid assembly is damaged, use the multimeter to examine every lid switch for continuity. Replace the lid switch that doesn’t have continuity. Insufficient water supply It is important to ensure that the cold water is going into the tub. The Hotpoint washer will not initiate the rinse cycle if cold water supply is slow or doesn’t reach the tub. This could be due to a blocked water inlet valve, a partially closed main water supply valve or the water pressure is low at your home.


Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

When the cycle is in the rinse phase, the water inlet valve is opened to allow water to be able to enter the tub for washing. The washer is waiting for water to get in and, if the valve malfunctions the washer will stop halfway through the process. A multimeter can be utilized to check for continuity in the valve that opens water. Replace the water inlet valve if it does not have continuity.


Washing machine drain pump

The Hotpoint washer drain pump aids in draining the tub of water. It force water through an empty drain tube or pipe which connects to a washing tub. A defective drain pump can cause the washer to stop in mid-cycle since water can be dumped multiple times out of the tub during a wash. If there is still water in the tub even after the washer is stopped, look at the drain pump for any obstruction. It is also possible to use a multimeter to test the drain pump for electrical continuity . This will check if the pump is functioning or not.


Washing Machine Main Control Board

The control board on the main board could be malfunctioning. This is not a common problem. Before you replace the main control board , be sure you check all other parts that are more typically malfunctioning. Washing Machine Timer – The timer may be damaged. It’s easy for people to misinterpret the problem with the timer. When replacing it, ensure that you test for any defective parts. Look over the wiring diagram of your washer to determine if it’s defective. Next, you can make use of a multimeter for continuity checking. In the end it is clear that it is true that a Hotpoint washing machine that is stopped mid-cycle may be a frustrating issue however, it’s usually an easy fix.

Following the instructions in this article, you will be able to identify and resolve common issues such as clogged filters, malfunctioning door locks or incorrect timer settings. Make sure you unplug your washing machine prior to attempting any repairs. If you’re not sure about any aspect of the procedure then look up the manual for the manufacturer or seek out a professional assistance. You can have your Hotpoint washer machine working again with a little patience and a little bit of patience. This will keep you from having to start the cycle over and also reduce the cost of repairs. Keep an eye on your machine and examine if there is a problem and take any necessary action.